Waterloo and the Romantic Imagination

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    Pages i-xiv
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    Pages 1-34
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    Pages 35-66
  4. Philip Shaw
    Pages 92-113
  5. Philip Shaw
    Pages 114-139
  6. Philip Shaw
    Pages 140-164
  7. Philip Shaw
    Pages 192-211
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 212-260

About this book


Waterloo and the Romantic Imagination offers a new and challenging look at the cultural significance of the Battle of Waterloo, and the impact it had on British Romantic culture. Drawing on a range of approaches it aims to redefine the Romantic period as an age of inter- and intra-national conflict, thus overturning conventional notions of 'The Romantic Project', and re-writing the period from first principles. Topics covered include: the impact of Waterloo on Romantic ideas of individual and national identity, the representation of the dead and wounded in poetry, painting and prose, the work of canonical and non-canonical poets.


Coleridge prose Romanticism Samuel Taylor Coleridge William Wordsworth

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