Art Encounters Deleuze and Guattari

Thought Beyond Representation

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  • Simon O’Sullivan

Part of the Renewing Philosophy book series (REP)

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In a series of philosophical discussions and artistic case studies, this volume develops a materialist and immanent approach to modern and contemporary art. The argument is made for a return to aesthetics - an aesthetics of affect - and for the theorization of art as an expanded and complex practice. Staging a series of encounters between specific Deleuzian concepts - the virtual, the minor, the fold, etc. - and the work of artists that position their work outside of the gallery or 'outside' of representation - Simon O'Sullivan takes Deleuze's thought into other milieus, allowing these 'possible worlds' to work back on philosophy.


aesthetics art baroque Case Studies cities concept Contemporary art English literature future Gilles Deleuze literature philosophy specificity subject

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