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Postcultural Theory

Critical Theory after the Marxist Paradigm

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  3. Eve Tavor Bannet
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  4. Eve Tavor Bannet
    Pages 88-112
  5. Eve Tavor Bannet
    Pages 113-157
  6. Eve Tavor Bannet
    Pages 158-194
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    Pages 195-226

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The world of literary theory and criticism is once again at a crossroads. While much of the academy has been absorbing and institutionalizing that unstable mixture of poststructuralism, deconstruction, political critique and materialist historicism which is known as Cultural Theory, some people have been working up alternative theories. This book is about some of these less familiar Postcultural theories, and about the ways in which they challenge current thinking and open other, positive and constructive, possibilities for thought and research in the nineties.


critical theory Institution logic

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