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Gender, Work and Labour Markets


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Men and women's distinctive roles in productive activity affect their economic independence. The book uses basic economic principles to analyze the differences between men and women who are in employment, are unemployed or are non-participant in labour markets. The extent to which domestic responsibilities affect labour market participation varies considerably between men and women with implications for their promotion prospects and their earnings. This book considers the policy implications of the different economic roles of men and women.


earnings employment European Union (EU) gender labor market labour market unemployment women

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...Accessible, up-to-date student texts which take account of differences and similarities between and among men and women, in discussing their engagement in the labour market, are badly needed to train new generations of economists to do better. This textbook by Sue Hatt is just such a contribution and is therefore most welcome...a well-structured and admirably signposted account of the main features of men's and women's participation the UK economy. It includes chapters on changing employment patterns; housework, childcare and employment; leisure; gender segregation; unemployment; wages rates; equal pay; labour market policies and women in the European Union. The style is commendably clear and concise. Quite complex points are made easier to follow through the use of plain English and imaginative illustrations.' - Work, Employment and Society