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Anglo-American Policy towards the Free French


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  2. G. E. Maguire
    Pages 35-55
  3. G. E. Maguire
    Pages 56-74
  4. G. E. Maguire
    Pages 75-95
  5. G. E. Maguire
    Pages 115-130
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    Pages 170-210

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This book examines the development of the tiny dissident movement that was Free France in 1940 into a broad-based, popularly supported provisional government. This metamorphosis was to a large extent dependent upon Allied support. Therefore this book discusses the individual attitudes of the British and American governments towards the Gaullist movement and tries to explain why they differed and how their points of view were eventually reconciled. In order to do this both the nature of Gaullism and the tensions in the Anglo-American relationship are considered.


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