W. H. Auden

Towards A Postmodern Poetics

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  • Rainer Emig

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  2. Rainer Emig
    Pages 1-8
  3. Rainer Emig
    Pages 52-79
  4. Rainer Emig
    Pages 80-114
  5. Rainer Emig
    Pages 115-144
  6. Rainer Emig
    Pages 175-203
  7. Rainer Emig
    Pages 204-212
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 213-237

About this book


This study reads Auden's poetry and plays through the shifts from modernism to postmodernism. It analyses the experiments in Auden's writings for their engagement with crucial contemporary problems: that of the individual in relation to others, loved ones, community, society, but also transcendental truths. It shows that rather than providing firm answers, Auden's poetry emphasises the absence of certainties. Yet far from becoming nihilistic, it generates hope, affection, and most importantly an ethical challenge of responsibility out of its discoveries.


Modernism poetics poetry postmodernism

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