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David Livingstone

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About this book


A biography of David Livingstone giving a balanced account of his strengths and weaknesses. Revered for years as a saint, he was in fact a much more interesting character, difficult, demanding and unsympathetic but also single minded, determined, patient and outstandingly brave. At ten he worked a fourteen hour day in a mill and at sixty was buried in Westminster Abbey. The first European to cross Africa, he discovered the Victoria Falls and survived shipwreck, attacks by natives and being mauled by a lion.


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About the authors

MERIEL BUXTON read Law at St Hugh's College, Oxford and is a qualified but non-practising solicitor.

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'...a clear, succinct, and balanced assessment of Livingstone's complex character, achievements and failures and enduring legacy.' - Choice

'...this is an admirably concise, carefully considered and well-argued account of Livingstone's achievements and failures in the light both of his time and ours...warmly recommended as the best possible modern introduction to an extraordinary, if not always very sympathetic character.' - John Spurling, Times Literary Supplement