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A Comparative Study of Minority Development in China and Canada

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About this book


When examining ethnic minorities' educational attainments in urban China and Canada, they outperform or are on par with the non-minority population. However, when analyzing high-wage, education-intensive occupations, this cohort are not as prevalent as the non-minority population. What accounts for this discrepancy? How far does ethnicity affect one's occupational opportunities? What does this tangibly mean with respect to the management of urban ethnic differences? And, what steps can we take to improve this situation? Drawing upon the latest statistics and detailed interviews, this book examines the experiences of ethnic minorities from schooling to the job search, hiring, and promotion processes.


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About the authors

Reza Hasmath is Lecturer in Chinese Politics at the University of Oxford.

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"A pleasantly informative book with a lucid text that is authoritative and critically analytical without being preaching or overtly political. The chapters are arranged in a logical way, leading the reader through two distinct city cases where a combination of quantitative statistics and qualitative interview data, intermingled with theoretical concepts, paint a convincing picture for the concluding recommendations." Journal of Sociology