“Pan” Africa Rising

The Cultural Political Economy of Nigeria’s Afri-Capitalism and South Africa’s Ubuntu Business

  • Rita Kiki Edozie

Part of the Contemporary African Political Economy book series (CONTAPE)

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This book uses Nigeria’s Afri-capitalist and South Africa’s Ubuntu Business models as case studies that reconcile the tension between Africa Rising and Pan African economics, presenting their convergence as Africa’s viable Third Way route to global development. In presenting Afri-capitalism and Ubuntu Business as national, business sector manifestations of a “new” Pan Africanism, the author explores Africa’s “culturalist” path in engaging the international political economy. This is an African customized engagement that parallels the alternative models of China’s “market-socialism” and Latin America’s “21st C Socialism”. All present alternatives to realist, liberal, and structuralist standpoints, inclining instead toward constructivist political economies derived from the perspectives and subject conditions of African economic histories, socio-cultures, alternative modernities, and agent-led initiatives.                   


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  • Rita Kiki Edozie
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  1. 1.McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global StudiesUniversity of MassachusettsBostonUSA

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