Politics and Public Space in Contemporary Argentine Poetry

The Lyric and the State

  • Ben Bollig

Part of the Literatures of the Americas book series (LOA)

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This book addresses the connection between political themes and literary form in the most recent Argentine poetry. Ben Bollig uses the concepts of “lyric” and “state” as twin coordinates for both an assessment of how Argentinian poets have conceived a political role for their work and how poems come to speak to us about politics. Drawing on concepts from contemporary literary theory, this striking study combines textual analysis with historical research to shed light on the ways in which new modes of circulation help to shape poetry today.


1 Argentina 2 Contemporary Argentine poetry 3 Public Space 4 Martín Gambarotta 5 Sergio Raimondi 6 Andi Nachon 7 Ezequiel Zaidenwerg 8 Marina Yuszczuk essay history of literature India literature lyric nation North America poetics poetry politics public space space twentieth century

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