Revisiting the Mexican Student Movement of 1968

Shifting Perspectives in Literature and Culture since Tlatelolco

  • Juan J. Rojo

Part of the Literatures of the Americas book series (LOA)

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Tracing the evolution of Mexican literary and cultural production following the Tlatelolco massacre, this book shows its progression from a homogeneous construct set on establishing the “true” history of Tlatelolco against the version of the State, to a more nuanced and complex series of historical narratives.  The initial representations of the events of 1968 were essentially limited to that of the State and that of the Consejo Nacional de Huelga (National Strike Council) and only later incorporated novels and films. Juan J. Rojo examines the manner in which films, posters, testimonios, and the Memorial del 68 expanded the boundaries of those initial articulations to a more democratic representation of key participants in the student movement of 1968.


1968 Mexican student movement rhizome Los dias y los años El grito

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