Environmental Transformations and Cultural Responses

Ontologies, Discourses, and Practices in Oceania

  • Eveline Dürr
  • Arno Pascht

About this book


This book explores the various ways in which different communities and peoples in Oceania respond to and engage with recent environmental challenges and concurrent socio-political reconfigurations. Based on empirical research, the book discusses topics such as belonging, emotional attachment to land, and new forms of environmental knowledge. The theoretical framework of the book is inspired by current debates among diverse conceptualisations of the environment and thus, of various ways of knowing, making sense of, and interacting with worlds. With this focus in mind, the book provides new insights into recent socio-cultural and environmental dynamics in the Pacific. 


Climate change Global warming Kiribati Pacific Islanders Chuuk Micronesia Vanuatu API Pacific Islanders

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  • Arno Pascht
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