Enacting Dismal Science

New Perspectives on the Performativity of Economics

  • Ivan Boldyrev
  • Ekaterina Svetlova

Part of the Perspectives from Social Economics book series (PSE)

About this book


In this book, sociologists, philosophers, and economists investigate the conceptual issues around the performativity of economics over a variety of disciplinary contexts and provide new case studies illuminating this phenomenon. In featuring the latest contributions to the performativity debate the book revives discussion of the fundamental questions: What precise meaning can we attribute to the notion of performativity? What empirical evidence can help us recognize economics as performative? And what consequences does performativity have for contemporary societies? The contributions demonstrate how performativity can serve as a powerful conceptual resource in dealing with economic knowledge, as an inspiring framework for investigating performative practices, and as an engine of discovery for thinking of the economic proper.                  


performativity economics economic incentives homo economicus economization economic models institutions conventions ethics John Maynard Keynes macroeconomics morality naturalism philosophy social science

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  • Ivan Boldyrev
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  • Ekaterina Svetlova
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