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Wireless On-Demand Network Systems

First IFIP TC6 Working Conference, WONS 2004, Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, January 21-23, 2004, Proceedings

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 2928)

Conference series link(s): WONS: IFIP Working Conference on Wireless On-Demand Network Systems

Conference proceedings info: WONS 2004.

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Table of contents (32 papers)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Localization and Mobility Management

    1. Markov Localization of Wireless Local Area Network Clients

      • Michael Wallbaum, Torsten Wasch
      Pages 1-15
    2. A Topology Based Localization in Ad Hoc Mobile Sensor Networks

      • Sridhar Gangadharpalli, Uday Golwelkar, Sridhar Varadarajan
      Pages 16-28
    3. Grcmob: A Group Mobility Pattern Generator to Evaluate Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Performance

      • Juan-Carlos Cano, Pietro Manzoni, Miguel Sanchez
      Pages 29-42
    4. Activity-Based User Modeling in Service-Oriented Ad-Hoc-Networks

      • Tobias Breyer, Michael Klein, Philipp Obreiter, Birgitta König-Ries
      Pages 43-56
  3. MAC and Radio Resource Management

    1. Media Access Control Schemes for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

      • Chun-Hung Lin, Chien-Yuan Liu
      Pages 57-72
    2. Throughput Evaluation and Enhancement of TCP Clients in Wi-Fi Hot Spots

      • Raffaele Bruno, Marco Conti, Enrico Gregori
      Pages 73-86
    3. A Distributed Algorithm for Bandwidth Allocation in Stable Ad Hoc Networks

      • Claude Chaudet, Isabelle Guérin Lassous, Janez Žerovnik
      Pages 101-115
  4. Bluetooth Scatternets

    1. Locally Optimal Scatternet Topologies for Bluetooth Ad Hoc Networks

      • Tommaso Melodia, Francesca Cuomo
      Pages 116-129
    2. An On-Demand Bluetooth Scatternet Formation Algorithm

      • Elena Pagani, Gian Paolo Rossi, Stefano Tebaldi
      Pages 130-143
  5. Ad Hoc Routing I

    1. Dynamic AODV Backup Routing in Dense Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

      • Wen-Tsuen Chen, Wei-Ting Lee
      Pages 158-170
    2. Multipath Power Sensitive Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

      • Anand Prabhu Subramanian, A. J. Anto, Janani Vasudevan, P. Narayanasamy
      Pages 171-183
  6. Security, Applications, and Service Support

    1. A Comparative Analysis on Performance of Mobile IP with Paging Support

      • Hung Tuan Do, Yoshikuni Onozato
      Pages 199-212
    2. Preventive and Corrective Protection for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols

      • Ricardo Staciarini Puttini, Ludovic Mé, Rafael Timóteo de Sousa Jr.
      Pages 213-226
    3. Dynamic Service Adaptation for Runtime System Extensions

      • Robert Hirschfeld, Katsuya Kawamura, Hendrik Berndt
      Pages 227-240
  7. Ad Hoc Routing II

    1. High Throughput Route Selection in Multi-rate Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

      • Baruch Awerbuch, David Holmer, Herbert Rubens
      Pages 253-270

Other Volumes

  1. Wireless On-Demand Network Systems

About this book

Thisbookcontainstherefereedproceedingsofthe1stIFIP-TC6WorkingCon- rence on Wireless-On-Demand Network Systems, WONS 2004. It was sponsored by the IFIP Working Groups 6.3 (Performance of Computer and Commu- cation Networks)and6.8(Mobile and Wireless Communications), and aimed at becoming a premier international forum for discussions between researchers and practitioners interested in the evolution of Wireless Internet Access toward on-demand networking. Ad hoc, routing, localization, resource management, - curity, applications, performance and analytical models were topics covered in depth by technical papers in this book. Theconferencereceived77submissionsfrom22countries,showingthewor- wide interest. With so many papers to choose from, the Technical Program Committee’s job, providing a conference program with the highest quality, was challenging and time consuming. We ?nally selected 25 full papers for presen- tion in the conference technical sessions. To give researchers the opportunity to present the novel ideas they are starting to explore, we included in the technical program a poster session devoted to presenting preliminary research results: 7 short papers were selected for presentation in this session. Accepted papers and posters came from 15 di?erent countries. The technical program also included a keynote speech “Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Protocols and Applications” by Prof. Mario Gerla, and a panel s- sion devoted to the discussion of the conference topics between academics and industry representatives. This event would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and hard work of a number of colleagues. A special thanks to the TPC members, and all the referees, for their invaluable help in reviewing the papers for WONS 2004.


  • IEEE 80
  • Information
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Quality of Service
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Router
  • Routing
  • Wireless Access Point
  • ad-hoc networks
  • networking
  • on-demand networks
  • security
  • wireless Internet access
  • wireless networks
  • wireless on-demand networs

Editors and Affiliations

  • Università degli Studi di Trento, Trento, Italy

    Roberto Battiti

  • Institute for Informatics and Telematics (IIT) , Pisa, Italy

    Marco Conti

  • Dipartimento di Informatica e Telecomunicazioni, Università di Trento, Povo, Trento, Italy

    Renato Lo Cigno

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