Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Chris R. Benn, Sebastian Els, Tom Gregory, Ilona Söchting, Roy Østensen
    Pages 3-6
  3. Jean-Pierre Véran, François Rigaut, Jeffrey Stoesz, Glen Herriot, Brent Ellerbroek
    Pages 19-25
  4. Anthony Boccaletti, Jean-Charles Augereau, Gaël Chauvin, Pierre Riaud, Jacques Baudrand, François Lacombe et al.
    Pages 25-30
  5. S. Kellner, R. Ragazzoni, W. Gässler, E. Diolaiti, J. Farinato, C. Adriciaco et al.
    Pages 31-34
  6. M. Le Louarn, N. Hubin, B. Delabre
    Pages 36-41
  7. Rainer Lenzen
    Pages 42-46
  8. Rainer Lenzen, Laird Close, Wolfgang Brandner, Markus Hartung, Beth Biller
    Pages 46-52
  9. N. Ageorges, L.E. Tacconi-Garman, C. Lidman
    Pages 53-61
  10. Miwa Goto, the Subaru AO/IRCS Teams
    Pages 63-69
  11. Wolfgang Hummel, Chris Lidman, Nancy Ageorges, Yves Jung, Olivier Marco, Danuta Dobrzycka
    Pages 69-74
  12. Giovanna Pugliese, Domenico Bonaccini, Manuela Zoccali, Alvio Renzini, Lowell Tacconi-Garman
    Pages 75-78
  13. Konrad R.W. Tristram, M. Almudena Prieto
    Pages 79-82
  14. Hans Weghorn, Rainer Lenzen, Wolfgang Brandner, Markus Hartung
    Pages 83-85
  15. A. Robert Weiss, Stefan Hippler, Markus Feldt
    Pages 87-94
  16. Anthony G.A. Brown, Enrico Fedrigo, Paul van der Werf
    Pages 94-96
  17. Rodolphe Conan, Thierry Fusco, Gérard Rousset
    Pages 97-102
  18. Thierry Fusco, Gérard Rousset, Amandine Blanc
    Pages 103-109
  19. Jon S. Lawrence, Michael C.B. Ashley, Michael G. Burton, James P. Lloyd, John W.V. Storey
    Pages 111-117
  20. Christoph U. Keller
    Pages 119-128
  21. Dirk Soltau, Thomas Berkefeld, Rolf Schlichenmaier, Alexandra Tritschler, Luis Ramon Bellot Rubio
    Pages 129-131
  22. R. Sridharan, A. Raja Bayanna, P. Venkatakrishnan
    Pages 132-134
  23. Laird M. Close, Rainer Lenzen, Beth Biller, Wolfgang Brandner, Markus Hartung
    Pages 136-146
  24. Elena Masciadri, Reinhard Mundt, Carlos Alvarez, Thomas Henning, Wolfgang Brandner, David Barrado-Navascues et al.
    Pages 146-151
  25. Claire Moutou, Anne-Marie Lagrange, Jean-Luc Beuzit, David Mouillet
    Pages 152-157
  26. M. Mugrauer, R. Neuhäuser, E. Guenther, W. Brandner, J. Alves, M. Ammler
    Pages 158-160
  27. François Ménard
    Pages 163-172
  28. Hervé Bouy, Wolfgang Brandner
    Pages 174-177
  29. Karl E. Haisch, Ray Jayawardhana, Alexis Brandeker, Diego Mardones
    Pages 177-182
  30. Serge Correia, Thorsten Ratzka, Michael F. Sterzik, Hans Zinnecker
    Pages 182-187
  31. Paulo J.V. Garcia, Catherine Dougados, Pierre Ferruit
    Pages 189-195
  32. Rainer Köhler, Monika G. Petr-Gotzens, Mark McCaughrean, Jerome Bouvier, Gaspard Duchêne, Andreas Quirrenbach
    Pages 197-203
  33. Thijs Kouwenhoven, Anthony Brown, Hans Zinnecker, Lex Kaper, Simon Portegies Zwart, Alessia Gualandris
    Pages 203-205
  34. Hiroshi Terada, Naoto Kobayashi, Alan T. Tokunaga, Naruhisa Takato, Hideki Takami, Tae-Soo Pyo et al.
    Pages 211-213
  35. Sílvia M. Vicente, João Alves
    Pages 214-216
  36. Daniel Rouan, Yann Clénet, François Lacombe, Eric Gendron, David Field, Jean-Louis Lemaire
    Pages 217-222
  37. Maiken Gustafsson, Lars E. Kristensen, Yann Clénet, David Field, Jean-Louis Lemaire, Guillaume Pineau des Forêts et al.
    Pages 229-231
  38. Maiken Gustafsson, F. Lacombe, Eric Gendron, Daniel Rouan, Yann Clénet, David Field et al.
    Pages 232-235
  39. Elena Puga, Markus Feldt, Carlos Alvarez, Thomas Henning, Bringfried Stecklum
    Pages 236-241
  40. Tae-Soo Pyo, Masahiko Hayashi, Naoto Kobayashi, Alan T. Tokunaga, Hiroshi Terada, Miwa Goto et al.
    Pages 242-247
  41. Laird M. Close, Beth Biller, William F. Hoffmann, Phil M. Hinz, John H. Bieging, Francois Wildi et al.
    Pages 253-260
  42. Miwa Goto, W. Gässler, Yutaka Hayano, Masanori Iye, Yukiko Kamata, Tomio Kanzawa et al.
    Pages 264-269
  43. M.E. van den Ancker, E.A. Magnier, L.B.F.M. Waters
    Pages 270-272
  44. Reinhard Genzel, Thomas Ott, Andreas Eckart, Rainer Schödel, Tal Alexander
    Pages 275-277
  45. Andreas Eckart, J. Moultaka, T. Viehmann, C. Straubmeier, N. Mouawad, R. Schödel et al.
    Pages 279-285

About these proceedings


The field of Adaptive Optics (AO) for astronomy has matured in recent years, and diffraction-limited image resolution in the near-infrared is now routinely achieved by ground-based 8 to 10m class telescopes. This book presents the proceedings of the ESO Workshop on Science with Adaptive Optics held in the fall of 2003. The book provides an overview on AO instrumentation, data acquisition and reduction strategies, and covers observations of the sun, solar system objects, circumstellar disks, substellar companions, HII regions, starburst environments, late-type stars, the galactic center, active galaxies, and quasars. The contributions present a vivid picture of the multitude of science topics being addressed by AO in observational astronomy.


Data Reduction Observational Astronomy Telescopes adaptive optics astronomy cosmology data acquisition diffraction optics quasar

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