Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Danny Kaufman, Dinesh K. Pai
    Pages 3-19
  3. Gabriel Baud-Bovy, Domenico Prattichizzo, Nadia Brogi
    Pages 21-40
  4. Günter Niemeyer, Probal Mitra
    Pages 41-53
  5. L. Biagiotti, P. Tiezzi, G. Vassura, C. Melchiorri
    Pages 55-73
  6. Christoph Borst, Max Fischer, Gerd Hirzinger
    Pages 91-111
  7. Kevin Egan, Stephen Berard, Jeffrey C. Trinkle
    Pages 113-130
  8. Pramila Rani, Medha Sarkar, Robert Brackin, Nilanjan Sarkar
    Pages 131-148
  9. Antonio Bicchi, Enzo P. Scilingo, Davide Dente, Nicola Sgambelluri
    Pages 165-176
  10. Antonio Frisoli, Massimo Bergamasco, Sue L. Wu, Emanuele Ruffaldi
    Pages 177-188
  11. Carlo Alberto Avizzano, Simone Marcheschi, Massimo Bergamasco
    Pages 201-213
  12. Lawton N. Verner, Kristin A. Jeung, Allison M. Okamura
    Pages 231-241
  13. Makoto Kaneko, Mitsuru Higashimori
    Pages 243-261
  14. Back Matter

About this book


The problem of robotic and virtual interaction with physical objects has been the subject of research for many years in both the robotic manipulation and haptics communities. Both communities have focused much attention on human touch-based perception and manipulation, modelling contact between real or virtual hands and objects, or mechanism design. However, as a whole, these problems have not yet been addressed from a unified perspective. This edited book is the outcome of a well-attended workshop which brought together leading scholars from various branches of the robotics, virtual-reality, and human studies communities during the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. It covers some of the most challenging problems on the forefront of today’s research on physical interaction with real and virtual objects, with special emphasis on modelling contacts between objects, grasp planning algorithms, haptic perception, and advanced design of hands, devices and interfaces.


Design Haptic Perception Haptic Rendering Haptics Mult-Point Interaction Robot Manipulation Grasping Control Sensor algorithms automation autonom modeling perception robot robotics

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