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Computational Science -- ICCS 2005

5th International Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA, May 22-25, 2005, Proceedings, Part I

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 3514)

Part of the book sub series: Theoretical Computer Science and General Issues (LNTCS)

Conference series link(s): ICCS: International Conference on Computational Science

Conference proceedings info: ICCS 2005.

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Table of contents (133 papers)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Numerical Methods

    1. 2D FE Quad Mesh Smoothing via Angle-Based Optimization

      • Hongtao Xu, Timothy S. Newman
      Pages 9-16
    2. Numerical Experiments on the Solution of the Inverse Additive Singular Value Problem

      • G. Flores-Becerra, Victor M. Garcia, Antonio M. Vidal
      Pages 17-24
    3. Adaptive Model Trust Region Methods for Generalized Eigenvalue Problems

      • P. -A. Absil, C. G. Baker, K. A. Gallivan, A. Sameh
      Pages 33-41
    4. On Stable Integration of Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations with Global Error Control

      • Gennady Yur’evich Kulikov, Sergey Konstantinovich Shindin
      Pages 42-49
    5. Bifurcation Analysis of Large Equilibrium Systems in Matlab

      • David S. Bindel, James W. Demmel, Mark J. Friedman, Willy J. F. Govaerts, Yuri A. Kuznetsov
      Pages 50-57
    6. Application of the Pseudo-Transient Technique to a Real-World Unsaturated Flow Groundwater Problem

      • Fred T. Tracy, Barbara P. Donnell, Stacy E. Howington, Jeffrey L. Hensley
      Pages 66-73
    7. Optimization of Spherical Harmonic Transform Computations

      • J. A. R. Blais, D. A. Provins, M. A. Soofi
      Pages 74-81
  3. Algorithms and Computational Kernels

    1. A High-Order Recursive Quadratic Learning Algorithm

      • Qi Zhu, Shaohua Tan, Ying Qiao
      Pages 90-98
    2. Vectorized Sparse Matrix Multiply for Compressed Row Storage Format

      • Eduardo F. D’Azevedo, Mark R. Fahey, Richard T. Mills
      Pages 99-106
    3. Numerically Stable Real Number Codes Based on Random Matrices

      • Zizhong Chen, Jack Dongarra
      Pages 115-122
    4. On Iterated Numerical Integration

      • Shujun Li, Elise de Doncker, Karlis Kaugars
      Pages 123-130
    5. A New Computer Algorithm Approach to Identification of Continuous-Time Batch Bioreactor Model Parameters

      • Suna Ertunc, Bulent Akay, Hale Hapoglu, Mustafa Alpbaz
      Pages 147-154

About this book

The Fifth International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2005) held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 22–25, 2005, continued in the tradition of p- vious conferences in the series: ICCS 2004 in Krakow, Poland; ICCS 2003 held simultaneously at two locations, in Melbourne, Australia and St. Petersburg, Russia; ICCS 2002 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and ICCS 2001 in San Francisco, California, USA. Computational science is rapidly maturing as a mainstream discipline. It is central to an ever-expanding variety of ?elds in which computational methods and tools enable new discoveries with greater accuracy and speed. ICCS 2005 wasorganizedasaforumforscientistsfromthecoredisciplinesofcomputational science and numerous application areas to discuss and exchange ideas, results, and future directions. ICCS participants included researchers from many app- cation domains, including those interested in advanced computational methods for physics, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, economics and ?nance, arts and humanities, as well as computer system vendors and software developers. The primary objectives of this conference were to discuss problems and solutions in allareas,toidentifynewissues,toshapefuturedirectionsofresearch,andtohelp users apply various advanced computational techniques. The event highlighted recent developments in algorithms, computational kernels, next generation c- puting systems, tools, advanced numerical methods, data-driven systems, and emerging application ?elds, such as complex systems, ?nance, bioinformatics, computational aspects of wireless and mobile networks, graphics, and hybrid computation.


  • Animation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Java
  • Scala
  • algorithms
  • bioinformatics
  • computational mathematics
  • computational science
  • computer algebra
  • database
  • high performance computing
  • image processing
  • network computing
  • optimization
  • programming

Editors and Affiliations

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University, Atlanta, USA

    Vaidy S. Sunderam

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Geert Dick Albada

  • Faculty of Sciences, Section of Computational Science, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Peter M. A. Sloot

  • Computer Science Department, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

    Jack J. Dongarra

Bibliographic Information

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