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Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2003

23rd Annual International Cryptology Conference, Santa Barbara, California, USA, August 17-21, 2003. Proceedings

  • Dan Boneh
Conference proceedings CRYPTO 2003

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 2729)

Table of contents

  1. Algebraic Geometry

    1. Karl Rubin, Alice Silverberg
      Pages 349-365
  2. Public Key Constructions

  3. Invited Talk II

  4. New Problems

    1. Cynthia Dwork, Andrew Goldberg, Moni Naor
      Pages 426-444
    2. Niv Buchbinder, Erez Petrank
      Pages 445-462
    3. Yuval Ishai, Amit Sahai, David Wagner
      Pages 463-481
  5. Symmetric Key Constructions

    1. Shai Halevi, Phillip Rogaway
      Pages 482-499
    2. Matthew Cary, Ramarathnam Venkatesan
      Pages 500-512
  6. New Models

    1. Jonathan Herzog, Moses Liskov, Silvio Micali
      Pages 548-564
    2. Ran Canetti, Hugo Krawczyk, Jesper B. Nielsen
      Pages 565-582
  7. Symmetric Key Cryptanalysis II

    1. Brice Canvel, Alain Hiltgen, Serge Vaudenay, Martin Vuagnoux
      Pages 583-599
    2. Elad Barkan, Eli Biham, Nathan Keller
      Pages 600-616
    3. Philippe Oechslin
      Pages 617-630
  8. Back Matter

About these proceedings


Crypto 2003, the 23rd Annual Crypto Conference, was sponsored by the Int- national Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) in cooperation with the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy and the Computer Science Department of the University of California at Santa Barbara. The conference received 169 submissions, of which the program committee selected 34 for presentation. These proceedings contain the revised versions of the 34 submissions that were presented at the conference. These revisions have not been checked for correctness, and the authors bear full responsibility for the contents of their papers. Submissions to the conference represent cutti- edge research in the cryptographic community worldwide and cover all areas of cryptography. Many high-quality works could not be accepted. These works will surely be published elsewhere. The conference program included two invited lectures. Moni Naor spoke on cryptographic assumptions and challenges. Hugo Krawczyk spoke on the ‘SI- and-MAc’approachtoauthenticatedDi?e-HellmananditsuseintheIKEpro- cols. The conference program also included the traditional rump session, chaired by Stuart Haber, featuring short, informal talks on late-breaking research news. Assembling the conference program requires the help of many many people. To all those who pitched in, I am forever in your debt. I would like to ?rst thank the many researchers from all over the world who submitted their work to this conference. Without them, Crypto could not exist. I thank Greg Rose, the general chair, for shielding me from innumerable logistical headaches, and showing great generosity in supporting my e?orts.


Message Authentication Code Padding Signcryption Zero Knowledge algebraic geometry authentication authenticity computational number theory cryptographic protocols cryptography cryptology information security multiparty computation public key cryptography symmetric cryptography

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