Eyeblink Classical Conditioning: Volume I

Applications in Humans

  • Diana Woodruff-Pak
  • Joseph E. Steinmetz

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Diana S. Woodruff-Pakand, Joseph E. Steinmetz
    Pages 1-17
  3. Anthony Randal McIntosh, Bernard G. Schreurs
    Pages 51-69
  4. Susan K. Lemieux, Diana S. Woodruff-Pak
    Pages 71-93
  5. Dragana Ivkovich, Norman A. Krasnegor, Carol O. Eckerman, Mark E. Stanton
    Pages 119-142
  6. Lonnie L. Sears, Joseph E. Steinmetz
    Pages 143-162
  7. Markus M. Schugens, Helge R. Topka, Irene Daum
    Pages 191-204
  8. Regina McGlinchey-Berroth
    Pages 205-227
  9. Robert E. Clark, Larry R. Squire
    Pages 229-251
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 275-317

About this book


The model system of eyeblink classical conditioning in humans has enormous potential for the understanding and application of fundamental principles of learning. This collection makes classical conditioning accessible to teachers and researchers in a number of ways. The first aim is to present the latest developments in theory building. Second, as background for the current directions, Eyeblink Classical Conditioning, Volume I presents an overview of a large body of previously published research on eyeblink classical conditioning. Last, the authors describe eyeblink classical conditioning techniques. Each chapter includes a highlighted methods section so that interested readers can replicate techniques for teaching and research.


Cognitive Neuroscience classical conditioning learning neuroscience psychopathology

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  • Joseph E. Steinmetz
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