Success Factors of Corporate Spin-Offs

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  • Alexander Tübke

Part of the International Studies in Entrepreneurship book series (ISEN, volume 2)

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About this book


Corporate Spin-Off processes are very interesting phenomena for management theory and practice. In theory, Corporate Spin-Offs are both a driver and a result of organisational change, offering the possibility to investigate an area where companies are genuinely sharing experience and best practice. In practice, Corporate Spin-Off processes are frequent and highly successful, but not as well-regarded as Merger and Acquisition strategies and less understood by the decision-makers.

Success Factors of Corporate Spin-Offs was designed to meet these demands by analysing the success factors of Corporate Spin-Offs, their relative contribution to the process and the role of the different actors involved. Based on an extensive literature review and a new Spin-Off typology, a broad range of success factors and success dimensions is proposed. Using a combination of multivariate models, the responses from 211 European companies to a questionnaire are analysed and typologies derived.


Change business development management organization strategy

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