Distributed Computing - IWDC 2004

6th International Workshop, Kolkata, India, December 27-30, 2004. Proceedings

  • Arunabha Sen
  • Nabanita Das
  • Sajal K. Das
  • Bhabani P. Sinha
Conference proceedings IWDC 2004

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3326)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Keynote Talk I

  3. Session I A: Distributed Algorithms

    1. Kandarp Jani, Ajay D. Kshemkalyani
      Pages 2-15
    2. Himadri S. Paul, Arobinda Gupta, Amit Sharma
      Pages 16-27
    3. Linda Pagli, Giuseppe Prencipe, Tranos Zuva
      Pages 28-39
    4. A Das, D K Bhattacharyya
      Pages 46-51
  4. Session I B: High Performance Computing

    1. Hai Jin, Zuoning Yin, Xudong Yang, Fucheng Wang, Jie Ma, Hao Wang et al.
      Pages 52-62
    2. Sushant Goel, Hema Sharda, David Taniar
      Pages 75-81
    3. Chao-Tung Yang, Yu-Lun Kuo, Kuan-Ching Li, Jean-Luc Gaudiot
      Pages 82-87
    4. R. A. Dheepak, Shakeb Ali, Shubhashis Sengupta, Anirban Chakrabarti
      Pages 88-94
    5. Sanjay Goswami, Susmita Sur-Kolay
      Pages 95-101
  5. Session II A: Distributed Systems

    1. Krishnendu Chatterjee, Pallab Dasgupta, P. P. Chakrabarti
      Pages 102-113
    2. M. Jamshid Bagherzadeh, S. Arun-Kumar
      Pages 114-125
    3. Jean-Loup Guillaume, Matthieu Latapy, Stevens Le-Blond
      Pages 126-137
    4. Shyam Antony, Gautam Barua
      Pages 150-155
  6. Session II B: Wireless Networks

    1. Kyung-jun Kim, Nam-koo Ha, Ki-jun Han
      Pages 180-185
    2. Mohuya Chakraborty, Iti Saha Misra, Debasish Saha, Amitava Mukherjee
      Pages 192-197
    3. Sandeep Choudhary, M M Gore, O P Vyas
      Pages 198-203
  7. A. K. Choudhury Memorial Lecture

  8. Session III A: Information Security

    1. Tanmoy Kanti Das, Subhamoy Maitra
      Pages 219-230
    2. Arjita Ghosh, Sandip Sen
      Pages 240-251
    3. Ajith Abraham, Ravi Jain, Sugata Sanyal, Sang Yong Han
      Pages 252-257
    4. Vijay K. Garg, R. K. Ghosh
      Pages 258-263
  9. Session III B: Network Protocols

    1. Muhammad Ali Malik, Salil S. Kanhere, Mahbub Hassan, Boualem Benatallah
      Pages 264-275
    2. Junqi Zhang, Vijay Varadharajan, Yi Mu
      Pages 276-288
    3. Chittaranjan Hota, Sanjay Kumar Jha, G. Raghurama
      Pages 289-302
  10. Keynote Talk II

    1. Roy Friedman, Achour Mostefaoui, Michel Raynal
      Pages 315-325
  11. Session IV A: Reliability and Testing

    1. Soumen Maity, Amiya Nayak, Bimal Roy
      Pages 326-337
    2. K. Gopinath, Anil K. Pugalia, K. V. M. Naidu
      Pages 347-352
    3. Sunil R. Das, Chuan Jin, Liwu Jin, Mansour H. Assaf, Emil M. Petriu, Mehmet Sahinoglu
      Pages 353-360
  12. Session IV B: Networks: Topology and Routing

  13. Session V: Mobile Computing I

    1. Susmit Bagchi, Mads Nygaard
      Pages 397-411
    2. Gautam K. Das, Sasthi C. Ghosh, Subhas C. Nandy
      Pages 412-423
  14. Session VI: Ad Hoc Networks

    1. Pradip K Srimani, Bhabani P Sinha
      Pages 435-446

About these proceedings


Last, but not least, thanks to all the participants and authors. We hope that they enjoyed the workshop as much as the wonderful and culturally vibrant city of Kolkata! Bhabani P. Sinha Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India December 2004 Sajal K. Das University of Texas, Arlington, USA December 2004 Program Chairs’ Message On behalf of the Technical Program Committee of the 6th International Wo- shop on Distributed Computing, IWDC 2004, it was our great pleasure to w- come the attendees to Kolkata, India. Over the last few years, IWDC has emerged as an internationally renowned forum for interaction among researchers from academia and industries around the world. A clear indicator of this fact is the large number of high-quality submissions of technical papers received by the workshop this year. The workshop program consisted of 12 technical sessions with 54 contributed papers, two keynote addresses, four tutorials, a panel, a poster session and the Prof.A.K.ChoudhuryMemorialLecture.TheIWDCProgramCommittee,c- prising 38 distinguished members, worked hard to organize the technical p- gram. Following a rigorous review process, out of 157 submissions only 54 - pers were accepted for presentation in the technical sessions; 27 of the accepted papers were classi?ed as regular papers and the remaining 27 as short papers. Another 11 papers were accepted for presentation in the poster session, each with a one-page abstract appearing in the proceedings.


Routing algorithm algorithms data security distributed computing distributed systems security

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  • Bhabani P. Sinha
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