Synergy Matters

Working with Systems in the 21st Century

  • Adrian M. Castell
  • Amanda J. Gregory
  • Giles A. Hindle
  • Mathew E. James
  • Gillian Ragsdell

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Plenary Papers

  3. Student Papers

    1. Alan J. Beckett, Charles E.R. Wainwright, David Bance
      Pages 31-36
    2. Colquhoun-John Ferguson, Scott Goldie
      Pages 55-60
    3. Guangming Cao, Steve Clarke, Brian Lehaney
      Pages 61-65
    4. Peter G. Lee, C.E.R Wainwright
      Pages 85-90
    5. Min Li, Wei-hua Jin
      Pages 91-96
    6. Andrés D. Mejía, Petri Jooste
      Pages 109-114
    7. Gary S. Metcalf
      Pages 115-120
    8. Susan A Smith
      Pages 145-150
    9. David Watson, Paul Ledington
      Pages 157-162
  4. Action Research

  5. Business and Management

  6. Change Management

About this book


The 21st century is now almost upon us and, whilst this represents a somewhat artificial boundary, it provides an opportunity for reflection upon the changes, and the accelerating pace of change, in our social, economic, and natural environments. These changes and their effects are profound, not least in terms of access to information and communication technologies, at once global in effect and manifest locally. These changes and their consequent demands are reflected in the theme of this volume: Synergy Matters, proceedings from the 6th UK Systems Society International Conference.


Business Change Computer Diversity Management Innovation Multimedia Performance System Viable System Model artificial intelligence calculus communication knowledge representation linear optimization organization

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  • Adrian M. Castell
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  • Amanda J. Gregory
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  • Giles A. Hindle
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  • Mathew E. James
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  • Gillian Ragsdell
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  1. 1.Nottingham Business SchoolTeent UniversityNottinghamUK
  2. 2.Lincoln School of ManagementUniversity of Lincolnshire and HumbersideLincolnUK

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