Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Marco Vanneschi
    Pages 21-34
  3. Paul D. Townsend
    Pages 35-46
  4. G. C. Fox, W. Furmanski, T. Haupt, E. Akarsu, H. Ozdemir
    Pages 55-74
  5. Chris Wadsworth, Helmar Burkhart
    Pages 75-79
  6. Jonathan M. D. Hill, Stephen R. Donaldson, Tim Lanfear
    Pages 80-91
  7. M. Fleury, N. Sarvan, A. C. Downton, A. F. Clark
    Pages 92-101
  8. D. Crookes, P. J. Morrow, T. J. Brown, G. McAleese, D. Roantree, I. T. A. Spence
    Pages 102-112
  9. T. Delaitre, M. J. Zemerly, P. Vekariya, G. R. Justo, J. Bourgeois, F. Schinkmann et al.
    Pages 113-125
  10. E. W. Dempster, N. T. Tomov, J. Lü, C. S. Pua, M. H. Williams, A. Burger et al.
    Pages 126-135
  11. Tia Newhall, Barton P. Miller
    Pages 146-156
  12. Jonathan M. D. Hill, Stephen A. Jarvis, Constantinos Siniolakis, Vasil P. Vasilev
    Pages 157-164
  13. Roland Wismüller, Jörg Trinitis, Thomas Ludwig
    Pages 173-180
  14. Allen D. Malony, Rajeev Alur
    Pages 191-192
  15. Christian Röder, Thomas Ludwig, Arndt Bode
    Pages 193-205

About these proceedings


This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Parallel Processing, Euro-Par'98, held in Southampton, UK, in September 1998.
The Euro-Par'98 conference is organized in initially 23 workshops addressing all current topics in parallel processing ranging from hardware via software and algorithms to applications. The book presents a total of 134 revised papers selected from a total of 238 submissions from 33 countries. The selection of the papers is based on more than 850 individual reviews. The book presents the state of the art in parallel processing research and development.


Animation Hochleistungsrechnen Java Multimedia OpenMP Processing Scala Scheduling WWW algorithms concurrency distributed systems image processing portability programming

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