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Information and Communications Security

First International Conference, ICIS'97, Beijing, China, November 11-14, 1997, Proceedings

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 1334)

Conference series link(s): ICICS: International Conference on Information and Communications Security

Conference proceedings info: ICICS 1997.

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Table of contents (48 papers)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Zero-knowledge proofs of decision power: New protocols and optimal round-complexity

    • Giovanni di Crescenzo, Kouichi Sakurai, Moti Yung
    Pages 17-27
  3. Traceable visual cryptography

    • Ingrid Biehl, Susanne Wetzel
    Pages 61-71
  4. Remarks on the multiple assignment secret sharing scheme

    • Hossein Ghodosi, Josef Pieprzyk, Rei Safavi-Naini
    Pages 72-80
  5. Secret sharing in hierarchical groups

    • Chris Charnes, Keith Martin, Josef Pieprzyk, Rei Safavi-Nainil
    Pages 81-86
  6. Stateless connections

    • Tuomas Aura, Pekka Nikander
    Pages 87-97
  7. Design of a security platform for CORBA based application

    • Rakman Choi, Jungchan Na, Kwonil Lee, Eunmi Kim, Wooyong Han
    Pages 98-108
  8. Secure document management and distribution in an open network environment

    • Antonio Lioy, Fabio Maino, Marco Mezzalama
    Pages 109-117
  9. A2-code = Affine resolvable + BIBD

    • Satoshi Obana, Kaoru Kurosawa
    Pages 118-129
  10. Multisender authentication systems with unconditional security

    • K. M. Martin, R. Safavi-Naini
    Pages 130-143
  11. Proposal of user identification scheme using mouse

    • Kenichi Hayashi, Eiji Okamoto, Masahiro Mambo
    Pages 144-148
  12. An effective genetic algorithm for finding highly nonlinear boolean functions

    • William Millan, Andrew Clark, Ed Dawson
    Pages 149-158
  13. Duality of Boolean functions and its cryptographic significance

    • Xian-Mo Zhang, Yuliang Zheng, Hideki Imai
    Pages 159-169
  14. Construction of correlation immune Boolean functions

    • Ed Dawson, Chuan-Kun Wu
    Pages 170-180
  15. A trust policy framework

    • Audun Jøsang
    Pages 192-202

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  1. Information and Communications Security

About this book

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Information and Communication Security, ICICS '97, held in Beijing, China in November 1997.
The 37 revised full papers presented were selected from a total of 87 submissions. Also included are 11 short papers. The book is divided in sections on theoretical foundations of security, secret sharing, network security, authentication and identification, Boolean functions and stream ciphers, security evaluation, signatures, public key systems, cryptanalysis of public key systems, subliminal channels, key recovery, intellectual property protection, protocols, and electronic commerce.


  • cryptology
  • information security
  • network security
  • privacy
  • telecommunications

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Buying options

Softcover Book USD 129.00
Price excludes VAT (USA)