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Blackness as a Defining Identity

Mediated Representations and the Lived Experiences of African Immigrants in Australia


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About this book


This book explores the lived experiences of African immigrants in Australia, and the way they are represented in the media. By delving into the group’s everyday lives, the book exposes the roles that media and social perceptions play in the production and regulation of diasporic identities. Rather than being presented as objects of mediated representations, this book positions African immigrants in Australia as empowered subjects. 

The book employs inclusive research methods that make African immigrants active participants in the research, rather than passive objects. This is achieved through an expanded demographic study, a snapshot survey, and by taking a closer look at the lives of Africans in Australia through digital oral histories. This approach allows the group to have a say on how they feel they are positioned in society, on what space they are offered, and on how this affects their lives.


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  1. 1.Living Cultural Studies and Flinders UniversityAdelaideAustralia

About the authors

Dr Runyararo Chivaura is an Early Career Researcher at Flinders University working in the field of Cultural Studies. She was awarded Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Cultural Studies from Flinders University, South Australia and holds a Master of Arts in Journalism, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Culture and Communication, both from the University of Lincoln (England). She is a Media Consultant and Correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Special Broadcast Service, The Guardian, and several academic podcasts. Her contribution centres on the media representation of African immigrants in Australia and their social and political acceptance. 

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