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The Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia

  • Presents case studies of citizenship in contexts from diverse angles to reveal how citizens are engaging in public life

  • Brings citizens and citizenship to the fore, instead leaving in background of democratization studies and process

  • Gives shape of struggles-by people at grassroot level and middle classes against social-economic injustice in Indonesia

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Table of contents (12 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-ix
  2. Introduction: Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia

    • Eric Hiariej, Kristian Stokke
    Pages 1-16
  3. Indonesian Politics and Citizenship in Historical Perspective

    • Eric Hiariej, Olle Törnquist
    Pages 41-62
  4. Stalemated Populism and the Case for Citizenship-Driven Social Democracy

    • Olle Törnquist, Luky Djani, Surya Tjandra, Osmar Tanjung
    Pages 89-114
  5. Domestic Workers and Their Struggle for Citizenship and Collective Identity in Indonesia

    • Margherita Gastaldi, David Jordhus-Lier, Debbie Prabawati
    Pages 115-132
  6. The Politics of Citizenship and Welfare: Countering “Extractivism” in Resource-Rich Regions in Indonesia

    • Joash Tapiheru, Wigke Capri, Dian Lestariningsih, Hening Kartika Nudya
    Pages 175-202
  7. Youth Movements and the Politics of Recognition and Redistribution

    • Wenty Marina Minza, Makmun Wahid, Maesur Zaky, Zafira Rahmania Nur Shabrina
    Pages 203-228
  8. Post-fundamentalist Islamism and the Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia

    • Eric Hiariej, Frans de Jalong, Dana Hasibuan, Ayu Diasti Rahmawati
    Pages 229-253
  9. Back Matter

    Pages 261-290

About this book

This book highlights the gains that a citizenship approach offers to the study of democracy in Indonesia, demonstrating that the struggle for citizenship and the historical development of democracy in the country are closely interwoven. The book arises from a research agenda aiming to help Indonesia’s democracy activists by unpacking citizenship as it is produced and practiced through movements against injustice, taking the shape of struggles by people at grassroots levels for cultural recognition, social and economic injustice, and popular representation. Such struggles in Indonesia have engaged with the state through both discursive and non-discursive processes. The authors show that while the state is the common focal point, these struggles are fragmented across different sectors and subject positions. The authors thus propose that developing chains of solidarity is highly important to motivating a democracy that not only has sovereign control over public affairs, but also robust channels and organisations for political representation. In advocating the development of transformative agendas, organisations, and strategies as an important need, and an enduring challenge, for the realization of citizenship, this book is timely and relevant to the study of contemporary Indonesia's socio-political landscape. It is relevant to students and scholars in political science, anthropology, sociology, human geography and development studies.




  • Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia
  • Indonesian Politics and Citizenship
  • Weak Pro-Democracy Movements
  • Citizenship and Collective Identity in Indonesia
  • Fundamentalist Islamism
  • Transformative Politics
  • Oligarchy Rules
  • Democratisation

Editors and Affiliations

  • Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    Eric Hiariej

  • Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

    Kristian Stokke

About the editors

Eric Hiariej is a researcher at Universitas Gadjah Mada. His major publications include Politik Jokowi: Politik Pasca-klientelisme dalam Rantai Ekuivalensi yang Rapuh (Jokowi’s Politics: The Politics of Post-clientelism in Fragile Chain of Equivalence) (2017), Sejarah Politik Kewargaan di Indonesia (The History of Citizenship Politics in Indonesia) (2016), The Rise of Post Clientelism in Indonesia (2015), Globalisasi, Kapitalisme dan Perlawanan (Globalisation, Capitalism and Resistance) (2013), Islamic Radicalism and Religious Consciousness (2012), Aksi dan Identitas Kolektif Gerakan Islam Radikal di Indonesia (Identity and Collective action of Islamic Radicals in Indonesia (2010) and Materialisme Sejarah dan Politik Kejatuhan Soeharto (Historical Materialism and the Politics of the Fall of Soeharto (2004). His most recent research activities include the Baseline Survey on Democracy in Indonesia (2013–2014), Beyond Liberal Politics of Recognition (2015), Mapping and Evaluating De-radicalisation and Disengagement Programs in Indonesia and the Philippines (2015) and Islamic Fundamentalism and the Problems of Democracy in Indonesia (2014).

Kristian Stokke is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Oslo, focusing on civil society, democratisation, and peace in South and Southeast Asia. His current research focuses especially on citizenship politics in Indonesia and the politics of peace and democracy in Myanmar. Stokke has published academic articles, book chapters, and books on politics and development. His most recent books include Democratising Development: The Politics of Socio-economic Rights in South Africa (edited with Peris Jones, 2005), Politicising Democracy: The New Local Politics of Democratisation (edited with John Harriss and Olle Törnquist, 2004), Rethinking Popular Representation (edited with Olle Törnquist and Neil Webster, 2009), Democratization in the Global South: The Importance of Transformative Politics (edited with Olle Törnquist, 2013) and Liberal Peace in Question: The Politics of State and Market Reforms in Sri Lanka (edited with Jayadeva Uyangoda, 2011).

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