Neo-Simulation and Gaming Toward Active Learning

  • Ryoju Hamada
  • Songsri Soranastaporn
  • Hidehiko Kanegae
  • Pongchai Dumrongrojwatthana
  • Settachai Chaisanit
  • Paola Rizzi
  • Vinod Dumblekar

Part of the Translational Systems Sciences book series (TSS, volume 18)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Various Applications of S&G

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Johmphot Tantawichien, Hajime Mizuyama, Tomomi Nonaka
      Pages 13-22
    3. Peeraya Sripian, Ratchadawan Nimnual, Thammarat Hemathugsin, Kanokporn Fongranon
      Pages 23-33
    4. Pattanasak Mongkolwat, Mores Prachyabrued, Thanongchai Siriapisith, Chih-Lin Hu, Timothy K. Shih
      Pages 35-52
    5. Chen Zhang, Sebastiaan Meijer
      Pages 53-66
    6. Arturo E. Pérez Rivera, Martijn R. K. Mes, Jos van Hillegersberg
      Pages 67-75
    7. Takeshi Shibata, Masami Ido, Shinichi Ito, Kazuhiko Sato
      Pages 89-98
  3. S&G to Learn Business

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 99-99
    2. Arry Rahmawan Destyanto, Akhmad Hidayatno, Armand Omar Moeis, Mohammad Rizky Nur Iman
      Pages 111-122
    3. Blazej Podgorski
      Pages 123-128
    4. Jessika Weber-Sabil, Harald Warmelink, Alessandro Martinisi, Thomas Buijtenweg, Kevin Hutchinson, Igor Stefan Mayer
      Pages 129-136
    5. Tomomi Kaneko, Ryoju Hamada, Masahiro Hiji
      Pages 137-146
    6. Anastasia Roukouni, Heide Lukosch, Alexander Verbraeck
      Pages 157-165
  4. S&G to Learn Environmental Issues

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 177-177
    2. Rattanapan Phoomirat, Jarumon Akkapiphat, Pongchai Dumrongrojwatthana
      Pages 191-199
    3. Warong Naivinit, Wanpen Suwanna, Satit Sena, Duangmanee Nareenuch
      Pages 221-234
  5. S&G in Disaster Management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 235-235
    2. Kohei Sakai, Hiroaki Shimizu, Yusuke Toyoda, Hidehiko Kanegae
      Pages 247-256
    3. Hiroaki Shimizu, Ryoya Tomeno, Quirino Crosta, Micaela Merucuri, Satoru Ono, Hidehiko Kanegae et al.
      Pages 257-266
  6. S&G with the Latest Technology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 267-267
    2. Małgorzata Ćwil, Marcin Wardaszko, Kajetan Dąbrowski, Przemysław Chojecki
      Pages 269-280
  7. S&G to Facilitate Consensus Building

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 313-313
    2. Toshiyuki Kaneda, Takayuki Mizuno, Ryuhei Ueda, Mingji Cui
      Pages 315-324
    3. Kohei Ito, Shinobu Kitani, Shin Oyamada, Takafumi Hanamatsu
      Pages 335-346
    4. Bill Roungas, Julia C. Lo, Rachele Angeletti, Sebastiaan Meijer, Alexander Verbraeck
      Pages 347-354
    5. Sutanan Pinmaneenopparat, Kulchadarat Punyawong, Itsarawan Huaihongthong, Nuttakul Khunnala, Patcharapon Jumsri, Sucharat Tungsukruthai et al.
      Pages 355-363
    6. Shin Oyamada, Ryohei Ishikawa, Shun Kumagai, Shinobu Kitani
      Pages 375-384
  8. S&G for Empowerment of Human Mind

  9. NEO-Simulation Gaming Toward Active Learning Era

About this book


This book provides tips to teachers for moving toward active learning by using simulation and gaming. The book is a rare reference for teachers who wish to initiate active learning by applying many real experiences from world experts in simulation and gaming. This cumulative wisdom comes from cutting-edge trials reported at the 49th International Simulation and Gaming Association’s annual conference in Thailand 9–13 July 2018. The importance of changing teachers’ one-way lecture approach to that of active learning has been commonly understood for several decades and has been promoted especially in recent years in Asian universities. Simulation and gaming meets the requirements of such teaching programs, especially for active learning, but there are few books or references on how to gamify a lecture. This book serves as a guide to facilitate that change. The author recognizes the duty to provide readers with fixed directions toward simulation and gaming in the next generation, which have still not been fully elucidated. Developing a simulation and gaming culture and making it sustainable in the next decade are the purpose of this book. 


Simulation and Gaming Policy Exercise Social Science Cross-Disciplinary Translational System Science Active Learning

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  • Songsri Soranastaporn
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  • Hidehiko Kanegae
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  • Pongchai Dumrongrojwatthana
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  • Settachai Chaisanit
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