China, South Korea, and the Socotra Rock Dispute

A Submerged Rock and Its Destabilizing Potential

  • Senan Fox

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About this book


This book exclusively addresses the political, historical and important contemporary strategic implications of the decades-long Socotra Rock dispute between China and South Korea. It is one of several maritime disputes involving China and a smaller state, and for which maritime law offers no apparent remedy. There is little doubt it will continue to be a problem in the future and should no longer be overlooked. The submerged rock, located between mainland China and the Korean Peninsula, straddles the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. As China continues asserting its sovereignty in maritime areas, this book will provide food for thought for scholars, think-tank researchers, and policymakers. 

Senan Fox is a lecturer at the School of International Studies, Kanazawa University in Japan, and specializes in East Asia maritime disputes and related issues. With a PhD in International Relations from the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland, he has been awarded funding from the Japanese government for research on regional disputes at the University of Tokyo, and more recently from the Konosuke Matsushita (Panasonic) Memorial Foundation for research into Sino-Japanese relations and rare earth elements. Dr. Fox has also published articles and presented conference papers on these and related topics.


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