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Understanding China's Overcapacity


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    Pages i-xiii
  2. Dianqing Xu, Ying Liu
    Pages 33-89
  3. Dianqing Xu, Ying Liu
    Pages 91-183
  4. Dianqing Xu, Ying Liu
    Pages 185-199
  5. Dianqing Xu, Ying Liu
    Pages 201-229
  6. Dianqing Xu, Ying Liu
    Pages 231-248
  7. Dianqing Xu, Ying Liu
    Pages 249-264
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About this book


This book analyzes of the surplus of production capacity in China. According to a government statement, there is a serious surplus of productive capacity in the steel, cement, glass, aluminum, and shipbuilding industries. There was no surplus of productive capacity in above industries between 2002 and 2012, and the current surplus is due to poor government policies on real estate prices after 2012. The book argues that if the Chinese government invested more in social welfare housing over the next few years the surplus of productive capacity would very soon disappear.


Surplus of capacity Over investment Price control on housing Rational expedition Chinese policy

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Huron University CollegeUniversity of Western OntarioTorontoCanada
  2. 2.School of StatisticsDongbei University of Finance and EconomicsDalianChina

About the authors

Xu Dianqing, PhD in economics of University of Pittsburgh, is a tenured professor of economics at the University of Western Ontario in Canada and a guest professor of the China Economic Research Center of Peking University and the Institute of national accounting of Beijing Normal University. He once served as the president of the Chinese society of American economics, and is known as "the father of China's private banks". He was awarded the Sun-Yefang- Prize in 2003, and the Zhang-Peigang-Prize for Economics Development in 2012. He have published more than 20 books, including "From Trade Surplus to the Dispute over the Exchange Rate", "the Road to the End of Poverty", etc.

Liu Ying, an associate professor of statistics at DUFE in China, has published  a book  "On Institutional Vicissitudes and Development of Bop Statistics" and several articles in statistical research.

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