Transatlantic Transitions

Back to the Global Future?

  • Imtiaz Hussain

Part of the Global Political Transitions book series (GLPOTR)

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With North Atlantic post-World War II transatlantic dynamics as the subject, this volume inquires if its theoretical tenets hold in other epochs and Atlantic arenas. Both case and comparative studies of such historical cases as the silver, slave, and commodity trades, and whether ideas, such as faith and democracy, have as much impact as these merchandise flows, simultaneously challenge and strengthen the transatlantic paradigm. They permit transatlantic relations to be stretched as far back as to the 8th Century, in turn exposing transatlantic flows hugging global threads, while revealing the strength and size of several unaccounted types of transatlantic transactions, such as the north-south varieties.


linearity and undulations in transatlantic transactions transatlantic transactions within globalizing forces transactions as transitions faith and ideas as a transatlantic flow necessary conditions of transatlantic transactions competition transatlantic transactions colonial-statehood transitions statehood-“beyond the nation-state” transitions sufficient conditions of transatlantic transactions collaboration within transatlantic transactions

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