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Nonverbal Delivery in Speaking Assessment

From An Argument to A Rating Scale Formulation and Validation


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About this book


With an argument for embedding nonverbal delivery in speaking assessment as a point of departure, this book seeks to validate a proposed rating scale for incorporating nonverbal delivery and other conventional dimensions into speaking assessment with a mixed-methods approach. To illustrate the indispensable role of nonverbal delivery in speaking assessment, the book particularly includes snapshots of test-takers’ de facto nonverbal delivery, which allow their respective levels to be investigated in a microscopic manner. 


Language Assessment Corpus Linguistics Nonverbal Communication Rating Scale Validation Nonverbal Delivery Speaking Test Validity Argument Test Validation

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  1. 1.Department of LinguisticsGuangdong University of Foreign StudiesGuangzhouChina

About the authors

Mingwei Pan, working in the field of language assessment and educational psychometrics, has published extensively on the topics of language testing. He is now Yunshan Young Scholar of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

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