On the Edge: (Auto)biography and Pedagogical Theories on Religious Education

  • Ina ter Avest

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Cok Bakker
    Pages 11-21
  3. Gunther Dietz
    Pages 23-35
  4. Hans-Günter Heimbrock
    Pages 37-46
  5. Fedor Kozyrev
    Pages 69-79
  6. Henk Kuindersma
    Pages 81-91
  7. Alma Lanser
    Pages 93-102
  8. Wilna A. J. Meijer
    Pages 103-113
  9. Mary Elizabeth Moore
    Pages 115-125
  10. Bram de Muynck
    Pages 127-136
  11. Ina ter Avest
    Pages 137-149
  12. Jack L. Seymour
    Pages 175-185
  13. Wolfram Weisse
    Pages 211-222

About this book


For the first time, leading scholars in Religious Education and Citizenship Education reflect upon ‘the making of’ of their theoretical framework, in honour of Siebren Miedema. In this Liber Amicorum, in retrospect these scholars recognize, implicitly or more explicitly, ‘critical incidents’ and they honour ‘critical persons’ for the decisive voice each of them had in the articulation of the theoretical frame of reference the scholars developed in the field of pedagogy of religion(s) and citizenship education. Or, to use the words Siebren Miedema prefers, the field of religious citizenship education. The ‘eminence grise’ in the field of Pedagogy is brought together in this volume, like John Hull, Bob Jackson and Wolfram Weisse; scholars from the United States of America like Jack Seymour and Mary Elizabeth Moore; scholars from Latin America like Günther Dietz; scholars from the Netherlands like Cok Bakker, Chris Hermans, Henk Kuindersma, Alma Lanser, Wilna Meijer, Bram de Muynck and Doret de Ruyter; scholars from Western Europe like Hans-Günther Heimbrock and Friedrich Schweitzer; scholars from Eastern Europe like Fedor Kozyrev; scholars from up North like Geir Skeie; scholars from down South like Cornelia Roux and Marian De Souza. They all responded to the question of the editor, Ina ter Avest, to reflect upon the relationship between their biography and their developed theoretical framework. For everybody interested in the field of religious citizenship education, this volume offers a thorough introduction to their theories. We hope this comprehensive book will provoke readers to balance on the edge of different perspectives and to stimulate the development of their own line of thought on religious citizenship education.


citizenship education religious education

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