Critical Perspectives on International Education

  • Yvonne Hébert
  • Ali A. Abdi

Part of the Comparative and International Education book series (CIEDV, volume 15)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Yvonne Hébert, Ali A. Abdi
    Pages 1-41
  3. Kumari Beck
    Pages 43-59
  4. Ottilia Chareka, Pamela Van Dommelen
    Pages 105-120
  5. J. Tim Goddard
    Pages 121-134
  6. Carl E. James, Cris Clifford Cullinan, Ali A. Abdi
    Pages 149-164
  7. Mathieu Wade, Chedly Belkhodja
    Pages 181-195
  8. Abdelwahab Ben Hafaiedh
    Pages 201-204
  9. Michael O’Sullivan
    Pages 209-221
  10. Yvonne Hébert, Lori Wilkinson, Mehrunissa Ali
    Pages 229-248
  11. Yee Han Peter Joong, Thomas G. Ryan
    Pages 263-278
  12. Helen Harper, Judith Dunkerly
    Pages 279-291
  13. Ana-Marija Petrunic
    Pages 305-320
  14. Marilyn Tobin
    Pages 321-331
  15. Dalene Swanson
    Pages 333-347
  16. John Willinsky
    Pages 363-378
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 379-387

About this book


In rapidly globalizing spaces of life, any research project on international education would necessarily have multi-directional emphases, with the quality of observations and analyses reflecting the expanding political, economic and cultural intersections which characterize this potentially promising century. To respond to these emerging learning and living contexts of our world, this book brings together some of the most active and established scholars in the field. As such, the book represents important epistemic interventions that analyze and critique the institutional, socio-economic, linguistic and pedagogical platforms of international education. As the locus of international education cannot be detached from the pragmatics of social development, the specific recommendations embedded in this book expand the debates and broaden the boundaries of learning projects that should enhance the lives of people, especially those who are continually marginalized by the regimes of globalization. Thus, the book actively advocates for possibilities of human well-beings via different formats of education in diverse locations of life. “Critical Perspectives on International Education offers a historically comprehensive, intellectually honest, and perspective-rich scholarly exploration of a new education-globalization dynamic. This book courageously offers up diverse voices, gathered into a robust and useful conversation regarding global education. This book adds greatly to understanding why educational marketplaces must be driven by principles and practices that empower diverse peoples, to secure sustainable knowledge benefits that contribute to personal, local, national and international well-being. This critical perspective reader will engage scholars, researchers and citizens.” Jim Paul, University of Calgary “In the current intensifications of globalization and its resulting inequalities, it is crucial to better understand the role of knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination. Should knowledge be only a commodity to be sold in the market and a tool to increase economic capital, or should it be a shared sociocultural capital aimed at improving democracy and the common good? In Critical Perspectives on International Education, Yvonne Hébert and Ali A. Abdi assemble an impressive array of contributions from all over the world that address this question from a variety of critical perspectives and case studies. I recommend this book to everyone interested in the connections between education, citizenship development and human well-being.” Daniel Schugurensky, Arizona State University


globalization education

Editors and affiliations

  • Yvonne Hébert
    • 1
  • Ali A. Abdi
    • 2
  1. 1.University of CalgaryCanada
  2. 2.University of AlbertaCanada

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