Journeys in Social Education

  • Cameron White

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Sabrina Marsh
    Pages 1-13
  3. Susan McCormack
    Pages 15-28
  4. Chris Witschonke, Susan Mccormack, Traci Jensen, Sabrina Marsh, Bernardo Pohl, Debby Shulsky
    Pages 29-39
  5. Jacob W. Neumann
    Pages 49-66
  6. Amy Mulholland
    Pages 79-91
  7. Samuel Brower
    Pages 93-110
  8. Douglas Edwards, John Reyes
    Pages 111-132
  9. Bernardo Pohl
    Pages 133-145
  10. Emily J. Summers, Amy Esdorn
    Pages 147-161
  11. Cameron White
    Pages 163-173
  12. Traci Warren Jensen
    Pages 211-226
  13. Tony L. Talbert, James B. Rodgers
    Pages 227-239
  14. Chris Witschonke, Susan Mccormack, Traci Jensen, Bdebby Schulsky, Sabrina Marsh, Cameron White
    Pages 241-249
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 251-252

About this book


Social education is quite a journey. Given the ongoing debate and struggle with “defining” social education, the following is at present a “working definition” -  "While we resist ‘defining’ social education, we believe that social education emphasizes three areas of study: critical pedagogy, cultural/media studies, and social studies education.  We also stress that education, interpreted broadly, has the potential to advance social justice." Thus emerged social education… a lifelong journey for all of us – to question, to challenge, to do, and to create. Connecting present and past, merging current issues with traditional curriculum, integrating alternative texts and perspectives, empowering and emancipating kids and educators, and transforming schools and society – the transgressions of social education scream out. Dewey, Freire, Kincheloe, Zinn, Greene, Giroux, Apple, hooks, McLaren, Kozol, Loewen, Said, Chomsky, even Bob Dylan and many others have provided the impetus. May we make them proud! The essays within this text demonstrate various journeys in social education. They are meant as stories, not maps or scripts. They are intended to serve as a primer of sorts, for those interested in a similar journey. Hopefully, this can be a meaningful experience for many – students, educators, parents, and society as a whole, of course. Well… the journey and struggle continues…


Social Education

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