The Interactions Between Sediments and Water

Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium, Baveno, Italy 22–25 September 1996

  • Editors
  • R. Douglas Evans
  • Joe Wisniewski
  • Jan R. Wisniewski

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Conference Summary

    1. R. D. Evans, A. Provini, J. Mattice, B. Hart, J. Wisniewski
      Pages 1-7
  3. Sediment / Water Dynamics

    1. Rich Jepsen, Jesse Roberts, Wilbert Lick
      Pages 21-31
    2. Chin-Lien Yen, Yan-Lang Lin
      Pages 81-88
    3. U. Kern, B. Westrich
      Pages 105-112
    4. B. Shteinman, W. Eckert, S. Kaganowsky, T. Zohary
      Pages 123-131
    5. David C. J. D. Hoyal, Marcus I. Bursik, Joseph F. Atkinson, Joseph V. Depinto
      Pages 157-171
    6. H. Capart, H.-H. Liu, X. Van Crombrugghe, D.-L. Young
      Pages 173-177
  4. Sediment / Contaminant Interactions

  5. Role of Sediments in Element Cycles

    1. Gregory M. Peters, William A. Maher, John P. Barford, Vincent G. Gomes
      Pages 275-282
    2. Marina Camusso, Sonia Crescenzio, Walter Martinotti, Maurizio Pettine, Romano Pagnotta
      Pages 297-304
    3. Walter Martinotti, Marina Camusso, Luigi Guzzi, Luisa Patrolecco, Maurizio Pettine
      Pages 325-332
    4. L. Airoldi, A. J. Southward, I. Niccolai, F. Cinelli
      Pages 353-362
    5. F. C. Wu, H. R. Qing, G. J. Wan, D. G. Tang, R. G. Huang, Y. R. Cai
      Pages 381-389
    6. T. Gonsiorczyk, P. Casper, R. Koschel
      Pages 427-434

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Acknowledgements Conference Summary R. D. EVANS, A. PROVINI, J. S. MATIICE, B. T. HART and J. WISNIEWSKI/Interactions Between Sediments and Water: Summary of the 7th International Symposium 1-7 Sediment I Water Dynamics D. E. WALLING and W. HE /Investigating Spatial Patterns of Overbank Sedimentation on River Floodplains 9-20 R. JEPSEN, J. ROBERTS and W. LICK / Effects of Bulk Density on Sediment Erosion Rates 21-31 T. G. MILLIGAN and D. H. LORING / The Effect of Flocculation on the Size Distributions of Bottom Sediment in Coastal Inlets: Implications for Contaminant Transport 33-42 loG. DROPPO, G. G. LEPPARD, D. T. FLANNIGAN and S. N. LlSS / The Freshwater Floc: A Functional Relationship of Water and Organic and Inorganic Floc Constituents Affecting Suspended Sediment Properties 43-53 C. H. TSAI and J. Q. HU / Flocculation of Particles by Fluid Shear in Buffered Suspensions 55-62 P. M. STONE and D. E. WALLING / Particle Size Selectivity Considerations in Suspended Sediment Budget Investigations 63-70 Q. HE and D. E. WALLING / Spatial Variability of the Particle Size Composition of Overbank Floodplain Deposits 71-80 C. YEN and Y. LIN KEY / Variations of Bed Surface Sediment Size in a Channel Bend 81-88 M. STONE and B. G. KRISHNAPPAN / Transport Characteristics of Tile-Drain Sediments From an Agricultural Watershed 89-103 U. KERN and B. WESTRICH / Sediment Budget Analysis for River Reservoirs 105-112 A. I. PACKMAN, N. H. BROOKS and J. J.


Sediment ecosystem environment environmental protection geochemistry

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