Applications of Fibonacci Numbers

Volume 8

  • Fredric T. Howard

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Vassia K. Anatassova, J. C. Turner
    Pages 11-25
  3. Demetrios L. Antzoulakos, Andreas N. Philippou
    Pages 27-41
  4. K. T. Atanassov, A. G. Shannon
    Pages 43-46
  5. Mihai Caragiu, William Webb
    Pages 75-81
  6. Curtis Cooper, Robert E. Kennedy
    Pages 83-93
  7. Michele Elia, Piero Filipponi
    Pages 95-101
  8. Daniel C. Fielder, Cecil O. Alford
    Pages 121-128
  9. Piero Filipponi, Alwyn F. Horadam
    Pages 129-139
  10. Herta T. Freitag, Marjorie Bicknell-Johnson, George M. Phillips
    Pages 141-148
  11. Herta T. Freitag, Daniel C. Fielder
    Pages 149-154
  12. Herta T. Freitag, George M. Phillips
    Pages 155-163
  13. George W. Grossman, Sivaram K. Narayan
    Pages 165-177
  14. F. T. Howard
    Pages 201-211
  15. William A. Kimball, William A. Webb
    Pages 213-218
  16. Clark Kimberling
    Pages 219-231
  17. Florian Luca
    Pages 241-249
  18. Siguna Müller
    Pages 259-275
  19. Stanley Rabinowitz
    Pages 277-292
  20. John Szybist, Peter G. Anderson
    Pages 337-351
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 381-384

About this book


This book contains 33 papers from among the 41 papers presented at the Eighth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications which was held at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, from June 22 to June 26, 1998. These papers have been selected after a careful review by well known referees in the field, and they range from elementary number theory to probability and statistics. The Fibonacci numbers and recurrence relations are their unifying bond. It is anticipated that this book, like its seven predecessors, will be useful to research workers and graduate students interested in the Fibonacci numbers and their applications. June 1, 1999 The Editor F. T. Howard Mathematics and Computer Science Wake Forest University Box 7388 Reynolda Station Winston-Salem, NC USA xvii THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEES LOCAL COMMITTEE INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE Anderson, Peter G. , Chairman Horadam, A. F. (Australia), Co-Chair Arpaya, Pasqual Philippou, A. N. (Cyprus), Co-Chair Biles, John Bergum, G. E. (U. S. A. ) Orr, Richard Filipponi, P. (Italy) Radziszowski, Stanislaw Harborth, H. (Germany) Rich, Nelson Horibe, Y. (Japan) Howard, F. (U. S. A. ) Johnson, M. (U. S. A. ) Kiss, P. (Hungary) Phillips, G. M. (Scotland) Turner, J. (New Zealand) Waddill, M. E. (U. S. A. ) xix LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS TO THE CONFERENCE AGRATINI, OCTAVIAN, "Unusual Equations in Study. " *ANDO, SHIRO, (coauthor Daihachiro Sato), "On the Generalized Binomial Coefficients Defined by Strong Divisibility Sequences. " *ANATASSOVA, VASSIA K. , (coauthor J. C.


Prime Prime number algorithms combinatorics computer geometry number theory probability

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