Fourth Symposium on our Environment

Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Our Environment, held in Singapore, May 21–23, 1990

  • Hian Kee Lee

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Kiyokatsu Jinno*, Yoshikatsu Miyashita, Shin-Ichi Sasaki, John C. Fetzer, Wilton R. Biggs
    Pages 13-25
  3. Sock Khim Yeo, Chye Peng Ong, Hian Kee Lee, Sam Fong Yau Li*
    Pages 47-53
  4. Takeshi Murata, Seji Takahashi
    Pages 55-62
  5. Yin Fun Yik, Chye Peng Ong, Soo Beng Khoo, Hian Kee Lee, Sam Fong Yau Li*
    Pages 73-81
  6. C. P. Ong, C. L. Ng, N. C. Chong, H. K. Lee, S. F. Y. Li
    Pages 93-103
  7. T. Gannon, A. R. Ansbro, R. P. Burns
    Pages 105-125
  8. Khoo Chin Hean
    Pages 127-130
  9. S. Jaenicke, G. K. Chuah, J. Y. Lee
    Pages 131-138
  10. B. A. Bolto, T. H. Spurling
    Pages 139-143
  11. T. S. Andy Hor, Ying-Phooi Leong, Lai-Tee Phang
    Pages 145-150
  12. T. S. Andy Hor, Hian-Kee Lee, Ying-Phooi Leong, Lai-Tee Phang, Zhan Ming Zhang
    Pages 151-155
  13. L. L. Koh, M. K. Wong, L. M. Gan, C. T. Yap
    Pages 203-213
  14. K. W. Yeoh, C. H. Chew, T. L. Tan, L. L. Koh
    Pages 215-224
  15. Edmund Waller
    Pages 261-273
  16. Lokman Shamsudin, Shazili N. A. M.
    Pages 287-294
  17. L. M. Chou, S. Sudara, V. Manthachitra, R. Moredee, A. Snidvongs, T. Yeemin
    Pages 295-307
  18. Koh Lip Low, Hong Woo Khoo, Lip Lin Koh
    Pages 319-333
  19. C. S. Giam, T. L. Holliday, Y. Zheng, J. L. Williams, M. S. Ahmed
    Pages 335-340
  20. Proespichaya Kanatharana, Wiwat Pahina
    Pages 341-347
  21. Hock-Lye Koh, Poh-Eng Lim, Zamali Midun
    Pages 349-359
  22. Hock-Lye Koh, Poh-Eng Lim
    Pages 373-382
  23. G. L. Sia, C. N. Ong, S. E. Chia, H. Y. Ong, W. H. Phoon, K. T. Tan
    Pages 401-411
  24. MD. Pauzi Abdullah, Hamonangan Nainggolan
    Pages 423-431
  25. Barry Chiswell, Myint Zaw
    Pages 433-447
  26. Panit Sherdshoopongse, Suttepongse Thapornsawati, Jirawat Kwankaew
    Pages 457-467
  27. Tan Guan Huat, Goh Swee Hock, K. Vijayaletchumy
    Pages 469-479
  28. Y. M. Sin, M. K. Wong, L. M. Chou, Normala Bte Alias
    Pages 481-494
  29. A. J. Dutt
    Pages 495-506
  30. D. M. Ryan, Y. M. Sin, M. K. Wong
    Pages 507-517
  31. Tan Tah-Chew, Wong Che Keung
    Pages 519-523
  32. Tan Tah Chew, Wong Louisa Toi Lin
    Pages 525-537
  33. G. De Marchi, B. Canepa, F. Braggio, G. Randi
    Pages 539-547

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