Radionuclides and Heavy Metals in Environment

  • Marina V. Frontasyeva
  • Vladimir P. Perelygin
  • Peter Vater

Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAIV, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Man-Made Radionuclides in Environment and Living Species

    1. D. Newton, S. N. Dmitriev
      Pages 1-8
    2. N. D. Priest, G. Merlo Pich, L. Vintro, L. K. Fifield
      Pages 9-18
    3. V. P. Perelygin, Yu. T. Chuburkov, T. P. Drobina, G. P. Knjazeva
      Pages 19-27
    4. M. V. Frontasyeva, L. I. Smirnov, S. A. Romanov, V. D. Cherchintsev, E. Steinnes
      Pages 29-36
    5. L. L. Kashkarov, V. O. Tcherkezian, G. V. Kalinina, A. I. Ivliev, T. V. Shalaeva, P. A. Korovaikov
      Pages 43-48
    6. A. F. Malenchenko, N. N. Bazhanova, S. F. Boulyga, N. V. Kanash, M. K. Kievets, E. M. Lomonosova et al.
      Pages 61-66
    7. G. A. Bojikov, P. I. Ivanov, A. N. Priemyshev, G. D. Bontchev, M. V. Milanov, O. D. Maslov et al.
      Pages 67-70
    8. Yu. T. Chuburkov, V. P. Perelygin, J. M. Mietelski, Z. Szeglowski
      Pages 71-76
    9. A. A. Dyakov, T. N. Perekhozheva, E. I. Zlokazova
      Pages 85-85
    10. V. P. Perelygin, Yu. T. Chuburkov, J. V. Bondar, L. I. Kravets, I. G. Abdullaev, G. S. Abdullaeva
      Pages 87-91
    11. Dinh Thi Lien, Z. Szeglowski, H. Gondunova, Dang Duc Nhan, Le Khanh Phon, Luu Tam Bat et al.
      Pages 93-100
    12. K. K. Kadyrzhanov, A. Zh. Tuleushev, S. N. Lukashenko, V. P. Solodukhin, I. V. Kazachevskiy, S. Khazhekber
      Pages 101-106
    13. S. N. Dmitriev, N. G. Zaitseva, O. D. Maslov, G. Ya. Starodub, A. V. Sabelnikov, S. V. Shiskin et al.
      Pages 107-112
    14. J. W. Mietelski, P. Gaca, M. Tomczak, M. Zalewski, E. M. Dutkiewicz, Z. Szeglowski et al.
      Pages 113-120
    15. Yu. A. Sapozhnikov, St. N. Kalmykov, R. A. Aliev, K. M. Shimkus
      Pages 121-126
    16. V. Kudryashov, V. Mironov, E. Konoplya
      Pages 127-134
    17. O. D. Maslov, S. N. Dmitriev, L. G. Molokanova, M. V. Gustova, A. V. Sabelnikov
      Pages 135-141
    18. M. R. Ezz El-Din, H. Molukhia, A. Ramadan
      Pages 143-148
  3. Heavy Metals in Environment

    1. O. A. Stan, A. Lucaciu, M. V. Frontasyeva, E. Steinnes
      Pages 179-190
    2. D. S. Khamrayeva, N. Mukhamedshina, T. Akyuz, S. Akyuz, A. Oya Algan, A. Bassari et al.
      Pages 191-194
    3. S. V. Morzhukhina, V. V. Uspenskaya, L. P. Chermnykh, I. L. Khodakovsky, M. V. Frontasyeva, S. F. Gundorina
      Pages 195-200
    4. T. N. Shekhovtsova, N. A. Bagirova, I. A. Veselova, S. V. Muginova
      Pages 201-208
    5. M. Biziuk, J. Namieśnik, L. Zasławska
      Pages 209-216
    6. L. L. Zhuk, E. A. Danilova, T. Yu. Yashina, A. A. Kist
      Pages 217-225
    7. L. A. Tsertsvadze, T. D. Dzadzamia, SH. G. Petriashvili, D. G. Shutkerashvili, E. I. Kirkesali, M. V. Frontasyeva et al.
      Pages 245-257
  4. Radioactivity and Heavy Metals in Environment; Natural Radioactivity; Earthquakes

    1. M. Kaviladze, N. Gubadze, M. Sikharulidze, G. Natsvlishvili, E. Gamtsemlidze
      Pages 259-262
    2. Yu. T. Chuburkov
      Pages 263-272
    3. S. Gerbish, G. Ganchimeg, J. Bayarmaa, B. Dalkhsuren, G. Ganbold
      Pages 273-282
    4. J. Ishankuliev, B. N. Gaipov, S. P. Tretyakova, V. P. Perelygin, B. A. Muradov, B. Kerimov
      Pages 291-296
    5. T. Ruskov, L. Dimitrov, B. Kunov, E. Moravska, D. Lefterov, D. Petkov
      Pages 297-304
    6. J. N. Stamenov, B. I. Vachev, J. P. Carbonnel
      Pages 305-312
    7. E. Pincovschi, I. I. Georgescu
      Pages 313-318
    8. M. M. Monnin
      Pages 319-330
    9. V. I. Nevinsky, I. O. Nevinsky, T. V. Tsvetkova
      Pages 331-334
  5. Transmutation of Man-Made Radionuclides

About this book


This volume entitled "Radionuclides and Heavy Metals in Environment" contains the Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) "Monitoring of Natural and Man-Made Radionuclides and Heavy Metal Waste in Environment" that was held at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JlNR), Dubna, Russia from 3 October to 6 October, 2000. Originally, it was planned to held the ARW in 1999, the year when NATO was celebrating its 50th anniversary. Few days before opening it had to be postponed because of problems in issuing visa for all the colleagues who intended to participate. The ARW was organized and conducted by the co-directors Prof. Vladimir P. Perelygin, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia and Dr. Peter Vater, Philipps­ Universitat, Marburg, Germany. The JlNR was chosen as the host institute of ARW because of the lack of contact and real co-operation between the former Soviet Union (FSU) countries specialists in ecology and their Western well experienced colleagues. The selection of this location and supplementary funds provided by Russian Foundation on Basic Research, Moscow, Russia, and the JINR, Dubna., Russia made it possible to attain a rather large number of participants and observers from FSU countries. The JlNR provided to all the participants of the workshop an effective car/minibus transportation Moscow-Dubna-Moscow and a rather good accommodation in Dubna.


environment health human health isotope metals toxicology

Editors and affiliations

  • Marina V. Frontasyeva
    • 1
  • Vladimir P. Perelygin
    • 2
  • Peter Vater
    • 3
  1. 1.Frank Laboratory of Neutron PhysicsJoint Institute for Nuclear ResearchDubnaRussia
  2. 2.Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear ReactionsJoint Institute for Nuclear ResearchDubnaRussia
  3. 3.Kernchemie FB 15Philipps-UniversitätMarburgGermany

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