Advances in Natural Deduction

A Celebration of Dag Prawitz's Work

  • Luiz Carlos Pereira
  • Edward Hermann Haeusler
  • Valeria de Paiva

Part of the Trends in Logic book series (TREN, volume 39)

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This collection of papers celebrating the contributions of Swedish logician Dag Prawitz to Proof Theory, has been assembled from those presented at the Natural Deduction conference organized in Rio de Janeiro to honour his  seminal  research. Dag Prawitz’s work forms the basis of intuitionistic type theory and his inversion principle constitutes the foundation of most modern accounts of proof-theoretic semantics in Logic, Linguistics and  Theoretical Computer Science.

The range of contributions includes material on the extension of natural deduction with higher-order rules, as opposed to higher-order connectives, and a paper discussing the application of natural deduction rules to dealing with equality in predicate calculus. The volume continues with a key chapter summarizing work on the extension of the Curry-Howard isomorphism (itself a by-product of the work on natural deduction), via methods of category theory that have been successfully applied to linear logic, as well as many other contributions from highly regarded authorities.   With an illustrious group of contributors addressing a wealth of topics and applications, this volume is a valuable addition to the libraries of academics in the multiple disciplines whose development has been given added scope by the methodologies supplied by natural deduction. The volume is representative of the rich and varied directions that Prawitz work has inspired in the area of natural deduction. 



Cut-Elimination Gentzen systems Natural Deduction and Sequent Calculus Normalization Theorem Proof-Theoretic Semantics Proof-Theory

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  • Luiz Carlos Pereira
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  • Edward Hermann Haeusler
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  • Valeria de Paiva
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