The History and Theory of Children’s Citizenship in Contemporary Societies

  • Brian Milne

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This book examines the notion of children having full citizenship. It does so historically, through intellectual discourse, beliefs, and moral and ideological positions on children. It looks at the status and extent of knowledge of the position of children covering about 2500 years. The book takes European and other cultures, traditions and beliefs into consideration. It reflects on the topic from a variety of disciplines, including social sciences, theology and philosophy. The book places children’s citizenship in the centre of children’s rights discourse. Part of the work is a critical appraisal of ‘children’s participation’ because it diverts attention away from children as members of society toward being a separable group. The book moves on from child participation using a children’s rights based argument toward examination of the relationship of the child with the state, i.e. as potentially full member citizens.


Child Participation Child Sciences Childhood Studies Childhood in antiquity Childhood in the middle ages Childhood in the modern world Children Citizenship Children’s Citizenship Children’s Rights Emergence of Childhood Emergence of Childhood Ideological Positions on Children Ideological Positions on Children From the High Middle Ages Inclusion of Children in Governance and Full Citizenship Modern World of Childhood

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