Aperiodic Crystals

  • Siegbert Schmid
  • Ray L. Withers
  • Ron Lifshitz

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XV
  2. Uwe Grimm, Michael Baake
    Pages 11-17
  3. Michael Baake, Markus Moll
    Pages 19-27
  4. Venta Terauds, Michael Baake
    Pages 35-41
  5. Nicolas Bédaride, Thomas Fernique
    Pages 59-65
  6. Stefanie Thiem, Michael Schreiber
    Pages 89-94
  7. H. Sato, M. Inukai, E. S. Zijlstra, U. Mizutani
    Pages 95-100
  8. Liron Korkidi, Kobi Barkan, Ron Lifshitz
    Pages 117-124
  9. I. Černičková, R. Čička, P. Švec, D. Janičkovič, P. Priputen, J. Janovec
    Pages 133-139
  10. P. Priputen, T. Y. Liu, I. Černičková, D. Janičkovič, P. Švec, E. Illeková et al.
    Pages 141-147
  11. P. J. Bereciartua, F. J. Zuñiga, J. M. Perez-Mato, V. Petříček, E. Vila, A. Castro et al.
    Pages 149-155
  12. N. Ishizawa, T. Asaka, T. Kudo, K. Fukuda, N. Abe, T. Arima
    Pages 157-162
  13. B. Bauer, B. Pedersen, F. Frey
    Pages 163-170
  14. P. Rabiller, B. Toudic, C. Mariette, L. Guérin, C. Ecolivet, M. D. Hollingsworth
    Pages 171-177
  15. Thomas A. Whittle, William R. Brant, Siegbert Schmid
    Pages 179-185
  16. Denissa T. Murphy, Veronica Fung, Siegbert Schmid
    Pages 187-193
  17. J. Wolny, B. Kozakowski, P. Kuczera, L. Pytlik, R. Strzalka
    Pages 211-218
  18. K. Yubuta, S. Suzuki, R. Simura, K. Sugiyama
    Pages 231-236
  19. T. R. Welberry, A. P. Heerdegen, P. D. Carr
    Pages 243-251
  20. Holger Euchner, Tsunetomo Yamada, Helmut Schober, Stephane Rols, Marek Mihalkovič, Ryuji Tamura et al.
    Pages 253-259
  21. T. P. Yadav, M. Lowe, R. Tamura, R. McGrath, H. R. Sharma
    Pages 275-282
  22. Back Matter
    Pages 283-286

About these proceedings


Aperiodic Crystals collects 37 selected papers from the scientific contributions presented at Aperiodic 2012 - the Seventh International Conference on Aperiodic Crystals held in Cairns, Australia, 2-7 of September 2012.

The volume discusses state-of-the-art discoveries, new trends and applications of aperiodic crystals - including incommensurately modulated crystals, composite crystals, and quasicrystals - from a wide range of different perspectives. Starting with a general historical introduction to aperiodic crystals, the book proceeds to examine the complex mathematics of aperiodic long-range order, as well as the theoretical approaches aimed at understanding some of the unique properties and mechanisms underlying the existence of aperiodic crystals. The book then explores in detail such topics as complex metallic alloys, modulated structures, quasicrystals and their approximants, dynamics, disorder and defects in quasicrystals. It concludes with an analysis of quasicrystal surfaces and their properties.

By describing the latest research and the progress made on the structure determination of aperiodic crystals and the influence of this unique structure on their physical properties, this book represents a valuable resource to mathematicians, crystallographers, physicists, chemists, materials and surface scientists, and even architects and artists, interested in the fascinating nature of aperiodic crystals.


Aperiodic 2012 Aperiodic Crystals Applications Dan Shechtman Modulated Structures Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2011 Physical Properties Quasicrystals

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