The Nature of Truth

An updated approach to the meaning of truth ascriptions

  • Maria Jose Frapolli

Part of the Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science book series (LEUS, volume 29)

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About this book


The book offers a characterization of the meaning and role of the notion of truth in natural languages and an explanation of why, in spite of the big amount of proposals about truth, this task has proved to be resistant to the different analyses. The general thesis of the book is that defining truth is perfectly possible and that the average educated philosopher of language has the tools to do it. The book offers an updated treatment of the meaning of truth ascriptions from taking into account the latest views in philosophy of language and linguistics.


Content of truth Defining truth Frank P Ramsey Inferentialism Liar paradox Linguistic pragmatics Logic truth Meaning of truth Pragmatic truth Prosentences Redundancy of truth Relevance theory Representationalism Semantic expressivism Semantic truth Syntactic truth Theory of truth Truth ascriptions Truth-conditional pragmatics

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