Ethnocinema: Intercultural Arts Education

  • Anne M. Harris

About this book


The first book entirely devoted to the practice and ethics of the emerging methodology of ethnocinema, this volume brings vividly to life not only the Sudanese young women with whom the author has collaborated for two years, but her own struggles as researcher, teacher and intercultural fellow traveller. A superb resource for anyone interested in conducting their own ethnocinema research project, the contents will be welcomed too by classroom teachers who recognise a need for alternative pedagogies within diverse classrooms, and peripatetic researchers and students who search for authentic representations of their own experiences within the academy and education system.

With access to online filmed material included, this publication is part handbook and part theoretical treatise framing a new creative ethnographic methodology. One of a rare breed of books covering the visual research techniques that are gaining traction in the academic community, it also introduces ground-breaking intercultural research into Sudanese women who have resettled in the West. Functional as pedagogic material in university and high school classrooms, this package has broad appeal in the academic and educational sectors.

“It is innovative, gutsy, practical, useful, critical and follows principles of socially just research."
Prof Carolyn Ellis, University of Southern Florida, USA 

“This is an ambitious and passionate work. The author has taken on the task not only of exploring the difficult experiences of a group of young refugee women but has also reflected bravely on her own personal and professional life.”Assoc Prof Greg Noble, University of Western Sydney, Australia


autoethnography collaborative arts education education ethnocinema fugitive spaces inclusive education integration refugee intercultural arts-based collaboration qualitative research education refugees refugeity video visual ethnography

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  • Anne M. Harris
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  1. 1., Faculty of EducationMonash UniversityClaytonAustralia

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