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Genital Autonomy:

Protecting Personal Choice

  • George C. Denniston
  • Frederick M. Hodges
  • Marilyn Fayre Milos

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. George C. Denniston
    Pages 67-73
  3. John Warren
    Pages 75-79
  4. Franco Viviani, S. Bobbo, S. Malaguti, D. Paolini
    Pages 85-94
  5. M. Gloria de Bernardo
    Pages 95-96
  6. Pia Grassivaro Gallo, Annalisa Bertoletti, Ilenia Zanotti, Lucrezia Catania
    Pages 97-101
  7. Pia Grassivaro Gallo, Ilenia Zanotti, Annalisa Bertoletti, Lucrezia Catania, Miriam Manganoni
    Pages 103-110
  8. Pia Grassivaro Gallo, Sandra Busatta
    Pages 125-135
  9. Thomas W. Hennen
    Pages 167-187
  10. R. Wayne Griffiths, J. David Bigelow, James Loewen
    Pages 189-198

About this book


Circumcision affects 15.3 million children and young adults annually. In terms of gender, 13.3 million boys and 2 million girls are subjected to the involuntary removal of part or all of their external sexual organs every year. The problem of female circumcision has been addressed on an international level, but male circumcision remains a controversial subject that many academics have been reluctant to examine. Circumcision is tolerated today because it has been practiced for millennia by a small but vocal minority of religious and ethnic groups, however, when the practice is examined through the lens of modern legal, ethical, and human rights advancements, no place remains in civilized society for this body-altering ritual. In Genital Autonomy: Protecting Personal Choice, international experts address various types of genital modifications, the impact of these harmful traditional practices on the child, on human rights, and on the development of the concept of bodily integrity. The papers presented in this volume address these topics from a variety of angles. They question and dissects the true motivations of the doctors, witch doctors, and “holy men” who promote and profit from circumcision.


Circumcision, complications Circumcision, ethics Circumcision, harm Female gential modification Gender Male and female genital mutilation, human rights human rights

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  • Frederick M. Hodges
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