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Forest Ecology

Recent Advances in Plant Ecology


ISBN: 978-90-481-2794-8 (Print) 978-90-481-2795-5 (Online)

Table of contents (26 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-V

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    Pages 1-9

    Quantitative classification and carbon density of the forest vegetation in Lüliang Mountains of China

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    Pages 11-22

    Effects of introduced ungulates on forest understory communities in northern Patagonia are modified by timing and severity of stand mortality

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    Pages 23-37

    Tree species richness and composition 15 years after strip clear-cutting in the Peruvian Amazon

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    Pages 39-50

    Changing relationships between tree growth and climate in Northwest China

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    Pages 51-66

    Does leaf-level nutrient-use efficiency explain Nothofagus-dominance of some tropical rain forests in New Caledonia?

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    Pages 67-75

    Dendroecological study of a subalpine fir (Abies fargesii) forest in the Qinling Mountains, China

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    Pages 77-85

    A conceptual model of sprouting responses in relation to fire damage: an example with cork oak (Quercus suber L.) trees in Southern Portugal

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    Pages 87-99

    Non-woody life-form contribution to vascular plant species richness in a tropical American forest

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    Pages 101-113

    Relationships between spatial configuration of tropical forest patches and woody plant diversity in northeastern Puerto Rico

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    Pages 115-130

    Vascular diversity patterns of forest ecosystem before and after a 43-year interval under changing climate conditions in the Changbaishan Nature Reserve, northeastern China

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    Pages 131-146

    Gap-scale disturbance processes in secondary hardwood stands on the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee, USA

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    Pages 147-167

    Plurality of tree species responses to drought perturbation in Bornean tropical rain forest

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    Pages 169-180

    Red spruce forest regeneration dynamics across a gradient from Acadian forest to old field in Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park, Canada

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    Pages 181-196

    Distance- and density-dependent seedling mortality caused by several diseases in eight tree species co-occurring in a temperate forest

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    Pages 197-209

    Response of native Hawaiian woody species to lava-ignited wildfires in tropical forests and shrublands

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    Pages 211-220

    Evaluating different harvest intensities over understory plant diversity and pine seedlings, in a Pinus pinaster Ait. natural stand of Spain

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    Pages 221-234

    Land-use history affects understorey plant species distributions in a large temperate-forest complex, Denmark

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    Pages 235-245

    Short-term responses of the understory to the removal of plant functional groups in the cold-temperate deciduous forest

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    Pages 247-254

    Host trait preferences and distribution of vascular epiphytes in a warm-temperate forest

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    Pages 255-265

    Seed bank composition and above-ground vegetation in response to grazing in sub-Mediterranean oak forests (NW Greece)

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