Configuration Spaces

Geometry, Combinatorics and Topology

  • Editors
  • A. Bjorner
  • F. Cohen
  • C. De Concini
  • C. Procesi
  • M. Salvetti

Part of the CRM Series book series (PSNS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Alejandro Adem, José Manuel Gómez
    Pages 1-26
  3. Anthony P. Bahri, Martin Bendersky, Frederick R. Cohen, Samuel Gitler
    Pages 55-80
  4. Enrique Artal Bartolo, Jose Ignacio Cogolludo-Agustín, Anatoly Libgober
    Pages 81-109
  5. Nicole Berline, Michèle Vergne
    Pages 111-172
  6. Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer, Ulrike Tillmann
    Pages 173-191
  7. Filippo Callegaro, Frederick R. Cohen, Mario Salvetti
    Pages 193-211
  8. Daniel C. Cohen, Michael Falk, Richard Randell
    Pages 213-230
  9. Michael J. Falk, Alexander N. Varchenko
    Pages 255-272
  10. Eddy Godelle, Luis Paris
    Pages 299-311
  11. Hidehiko Kamiya, Akimichi Takemura, Hiroaki Terao
    Pages 327-354
  12. Andrey Levin, Alexander Varchenko
    Pages 373-388
  13. Davide Moroni, Mario Salvetti, Andrea Villa
    Pages 403-431
  14. John Shareshian, Michelle L. Wachs
    Pages 433-460
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 535-536

About these proceedings


These proceedings contain the contributions of some of the participants in the "intensive research period" held at the De Giorgi Research Center in Pisa, during the period May–June 2010. The central theme of this research period was the study of configuration spaces from various points of view. This topic originated from the intersection of several classical theories: Braid groups and related topics, configurations of vectors (of great importance in Lie theory and representation theory), arrangements of hyperplanes and of subspaces, combinatorics, singularity theory. Recently, however, configuration spaces have acquired independent interest and indeed the contributions in this volume go far beyond the above subjects, making it attractive to a large audience of mathematicians.


arrangements of hyperplanes braid groups configuration of vectors configuration spaces

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