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Principles and Practice of Lacrimal Surgery

  • Mohammad Javed Ali

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    Pages 9-15
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  4. Sima Das
    Pages 61-74
  5. Hesham Saleh, Natasha Choudhury
    Pages 75-80
  6. Hesham Saleh, Natasha Choudhury
    Pages 81-85
  7. Lakshmi Mahesh, Mohammad Javed Ali
    Pages 93-102
  8. Mohammad Javed Ali
    Pages 103-115
  9. Saurabh Kamal, Mohammad Javed Ali, Vinod Gauba, Qasim Qasem
    Pages 117-131
  10. Mohammad Javed Ali
    Pages 143-147
  11. Aditi Watve, Mohammad Javed Ali
    Pages 149-158
  12. Gangadhara Sundar
    Pages 159-170
  13. Mohammad Javed Ali
    Pages 171-176
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About this book


Lacrimal disorders are one of the very common conditions encountered not only by the oculoplastic surgeons but also by the general ophthalmologists in their daily practice. Written by global experts in the field of dacyrology, this book is a comprehensive, updated practical guide on evaluation and management of patients with lacrimal diseases. This up-to-date reference work covers all aspects of the field including the basic anatomy and underlying pathology, evaluation of a patient, and all surgical procedures currently used in managing various disorders in an organized fashion. Surgical modalities including the endoscopic approaches are thoroughly and succinctly reviewed with ample illustrations for better understanding. Since familiarity with a surgical technique is incomplete without the knowledge of risk factors and red flags, an emphasis on dealing with surgical complications and failure has received priority in this treatise. Controversial topics and treatment dilemmas have been discussed in detail with the objective of reviewing the present consensus among the experts.


Aesthetics in lacrimal surgery Balloon assisted lacrimal surgery Dacryocystectomy Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) Dacryoendoscopy

Editors and affiliations

  • Mohammad Javed Ali
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  1. 1.DacryologyL.V.Prasad Eye InstituteHyderabadIndia

About the editors

Mohammad Javed Ali completed his medical education and MS Ophthalmology from NTR University of Health Sciences, Hyderabad. He obtained his fellowship of Royal College of General Practitioners (FRCGP), UK in 2003 and fellowship of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (FRCS) in 2008. He also completed his fellowship in Orbital Surgery in 2008, followed by a long-term fellowship in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery and Ocular Oncology and Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery from L V Prasad Eye Institute in 2010. He later trained in Rhinology with World leader Peter-John Wormald from Australia. His clinical focus and expertise includes endoscopic lacrimal and orbital surgeries. He is widely trained in Ophthalmic Plastics and Dacryology and was instrumental in establishing the first of its kind Institute of Dacryology at the L.V Prasad Eye Institute. 

Javed is recipient  of prestigious The Experienced Researcher – Alexander Von Humbold Fellowship Award for his research work in this field. He is also the first recipient of International Society of Ocular Oncology scholarship award and the Best Scientific research Award for his papers at multiple forums like OPAI, AIOS and ARICON. He has described 2 new diseases of the lacrimal system along with their classifications and clinicopathologic profiles. He received the 2015 ASOPRS Merrill Reeh Award for his path-breaking work on etiopathogenesis of punctal stenosis. His textbook on lacrimal system “Principles and Practice of Lacrimal Surgery” is considered to be the most comprehensive works on the subject. He is a section editor for 3 journals and reviewer for 12 major journals.  He has to his credit 202 publications, 211 conference presentations,  20 instruction courses, 12 live surgical workshops and 26 awards.    

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“This book sets out to explain all aspects of the lacrimal system from embryology and pathological processes to imaging modalities and treatment options. … This book is written for ophthalmology residents interested in doing advanced lacrimal and orbital surgery, namely, those pursuing an oculoplastic fellowship. It is also a worthwhile resource for oculoplastic surgery fellows and practicing physicians.” (Marie Somogyi, Doody’s Book Reviews, October, 2015)