Understanding Facial Expressions in Communication

Cross-cultural and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

  • Manas K. Mandal
  • Avinash Awasthi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Avinash Awasthi, Manas K. Mandal
    Pages 1-18
  3. José-Miguel Fernández-Dols, Carlos Crivelli
    Pages 19-40
  4. Hyisung Hwang, David Matsumoto
    Pages 41-56
  5. Elizabeth M. Murray, William H. Krause, Remington J. Stafford, Amanda D. Bono, Erica P. Meltzer, Joan C. Borod
    Pages 73-99
  6. Christina Regenbogen, Ute Habel
    Pages 101-117
  7. Michel Valstar
    Pages 143-172
  8. Mark G. Frank, Elena Svetieva
    Pages 227-242

About this book


This important volume provides a holistic understanding of the cultural, psychological, neurological and biological elements involved in human facial expressions and of computational models in the analyses of expressions. It includes methodological and technical discussions by leading scholars across the world on the subject. Automated and manual analysis of facial expressions, involving cultural, gender, age and other variables, is a growing and important area of research with important implications for cross-cultural interaction and communication of emotion, including security and clinical studies. This volume also provides a broad framework for the understanding of facial expressions of emotion with inputs drawn from the behavioural sciences, computational sciences and neurosciences.


Business negotiations and managing facial expressions Computational modelling of the face Culture-specific emotions Enhancing accuracy of facial recognition Facial expression recognition Facial expressions in interpersonal relations Lie detection through facial expressions Measurement of facial expressions Micromomentary facial expressions Military psychology Neuroscience of facial expressions Terrorism and facial expressions Universality of facial expression of emotion

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  • Manas K. Mandal
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  • Avinash Awasthi
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  1. 1.Defence Institute of Psychological ResearchDefence Research and Development OrganizationNew DelhiIndia
  2. 2.Defence Institute of Psychological ResearchDefence Research and Development OrganizationNew DelhiIndia

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