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THERMOELASTICITY-the generalization of elasticity to nonisothermal deformations-has made considerable progress during the last two decades. Its basic theory is now well established, and many applications to problems in engineering have been successfully made. In writing this book it has been my aim to give, in a relatively small volume, an up-to-date presentation of those parts of thermoelasticity which, in my opinion, are of basic importance in the field. The theoretical back­ ground, together with the corresponding methods of solution, is developed first in each chapter and is followed by 'carefully selected examples intended to serve not only as illustrations of the theory but also as sources for useful results of engineering interest. Following a brief introductory chapter, the linearized, uncoupled theory is presented. Frequent reference is made here to the theory of isothermal elas­ ticity. A short review of the theory of heat conduction is included. The third and fourth chapters are concerned with special cases: plane thermo­ elastic stress and strain, and thermal bending and buckling of plates, respec­ tively. The real function method and the complex function approach are introduced simultaneously in Chapter 3 in order to exhibit and delineate the respective merits of the two procedures. In Chapter 5 the theory of thermo­ elasticity is developed in its most general form. Several particular cases are considered. This chapter also provides a rigorous foundation for the linearized theory of the preceding chapters.


Thermoelastizität elasticity fields flow heat stability thermoelasticity wave

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