Database and Expert Systems Applications

Proceedings of the International Conference in Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, 1991

  • Dimitris Karagiannis

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIV
  2. Object Oriented Representation

    1. Isidro Ramos, Oscar Pastor, Vicente Casado
      Pages 1-6
    2. F.-Y. Villemin, A. Paoli, I. Tourrilhes, M. Le
      Pages 13-18
    3. J. C. Burneau, O. Thiery
      Pages 19-23
  3. Office Information Systems

  4. Deductive Databases and Database Programming Languages

    1. Michel Adiba, Christophe Lécluse, Philippe Richard
      Pages 47-53
    2. Malcolm C. Taylor, Bogdan D. Czejdo
      Pages 60-66
    3. Susumu Suzuki, Toshihide Ibaraki, Masahichi Kishi
      Pages 67-72
  5. Applications on Technology and Industry

    1. Doohun Eum, Toshimi Minoura
      Pages 73-79
    2. A. Baumewerd-Ahlmann, A. B. Cremers, G. Krüger, J. Leonhardt, L. Plümer, R. Waschkowski
      Pages 86-91
    3. Jan van Oorschot, Wil Korremans, Kees Vos
      Pages 92-97
  6. Information Retrieval

    1. Reinhard Härtel, Peter Lauppert
      Pages 98-101
    2. Daniel A. Keim, Kyung-Chang Kim, Vincent Lum
      Pages 102-111
    3. Edgar B. Wendlandt, James R. Driscoll
      Pages 118-123
  7. Business and Educational Applications

  8. Knowledge Based Systems

    1. O. Najmann, K. Eckstein
      Pages 148-153
    2. Christos Garidis, Stefan Böttcher
      Pages 154-159
  9. Graphical Interfaces

    1. Frans Coenen, Trevor Bench-Capon
      Pages 166-171
    2. Annamaria Auddino, Eric Amiel, Bharat Bhargava
      Pages 172-178
  10. Implementation Aspects

    1. Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peter Heep, Stephan Heep, Michael Schiwietz, Ralf Schneider
      Pages 179-184
    2. Norbert Duppel
      Pages 197-202
  11. Object Orientation

    1. Christine Collet, Eric Brunel
      Pages 203-209
    2. F. Staes, L. Tarantino, B. Verdonk, D. Vermeir
      Pages 210-215
    3. Farshad Fotouhi, T. G. Lee, William I. Grosky
      Pages 221-226
    4. Oscar Barros, Germán Pavez
      Pages 227-232
  12. Foundation of Object Orientation

    1. José H. Canós, Oscar Pastor
      Pages 233-238
    2. Wojciech Cellary, Geneviève Jomier, Tomasz Koszlajda
      Pages 239-244
    3. Yanjun Lou, Z. Meral Ozsoyoglu
      Pages 245-250
    4. Katsumi Tanaka, Susumu Kobayashi, Tomomi Sakanoue
      Pages 251-256
  13. Multimedia Databases and Hypertext

    1. Yoshinori Hara, Arthur M. Keller, Gio Wiederhold
      Pages 270-274
    2. P. L. van der Spiegel, J. Th. W. Driessen, P. D. Bruza, Th. P. van der Weide
      Pages 281-286
  14. Applications in Science, Technology, and Industry

    1. T. Patrick Martin, Janice I. Glasgow, Michel P. Féret, Todd Kelley
      Pages 287-292
    2. Martin Breunig, Gernot Heyer, Axel Perkhoff, Michael Seewald
      Pages 293-298

About these proceedings


The Database and Expert Systems Applications - DEXA - conferences are dedi­ cated to providing an international forum for the presentation of applications in the database and expert systems field, for the exchange of ideas and experiences, and for defining requirements for the future systems in these fields. After the very promising DEXA 90 in Vienna, Austria, we hope to have successfully established wjth this year's DEXA 91 a stage where scientists from diverse fields interested in application-oriented research can present and discuss their work. This year there was a total of more than 250 submitted papers from 28 different countries, in all continents. Only 98 of the papers could be accepted. The collection of papers in these proceedings offers a cross-section of the issues facing the area of databases and expert systems, i.e., topics of basic research interest on one hand and questions occurring when developing applications on the other. Major credit for the success of the conference goes to all of our colleagues who submitted papers for consideration and to those who have organized and chaired the panel sessions. Many persons contributed numerous hours to organize this conference. The names of most of them will appear on the following pages. In particular we wish to thank the Organization Committee Chairmen Johann Gordesch, A Min Tjoa, and Roland Wag­ ner, who also helped establishing the program. Special thanks also go to Gabriella Wagner and Anke Ruckert. Dimitris Karagiannis General Conference Chairman Contents Conference Committee.


Prolog architectures artificial intelligence concurrency database expert system information retrieval knowledge base knowledge representation knowledge-based systems machine learning modeling multimedia natural language uncertainty

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